Monday, 3 March 2008

Capable Of Representing Muslims?

It's hysterical. :)

Our local cili padi activist Noor Aza Othman gave me the heads up on this piece "Let's listen to the quiet man" by some ignoramus named Alex Bigham, whose entire research on Islam in Malaysia probably comprised a couple of entries from the wikipedia.

Obviously the spin-doctoring by Barisan Nasional has paid off - at least to the benign masses out there. Either that, or the benign masses have been spending some quality time under the proverbial coconut shell.

Particularly disturbing is this:

In fact, in the election campaign he is currently fighting, the challenge comes from an alliance of opposition parties led by a conservative Islamic party committed to introducing Sharia law.

Despite this, Badawi has stuck firmly and resolutely to his own vision of Malaysia as a modern, progressive Islamic country, a multiracial, multicultural and multiparty democracy that looks outwards to the rest of the world and rejects the insularity and isolationism of the extremists.

It portrays Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as this sincere, well-meaning leader with the nation's best interests at heart.

Nothing could be further than the truth.

For Abdullah, it is all about remaining in the party, maintaining the nepotism and cronyism that Barisan Nasional is so rife with and gaining as much as possible for himself and his family (including the infamous son-in-law).

There is no freedom of speech or expression.

There is no freedom of press.

There is no freedom of religion. For all non-Muslims who marry a Muslim must renounce their religion and convert to Islam while no Muslim may renounce Islam and convert to any other religion.

Double standards? You tell me.

Is Malaysia a modern, progressive Islamic country? It is a police state, and in a state of apartheid, for the love of God!!

And meanwhile, what exactly has our "quiet man" politician been doing?

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