Monday, 3 March 2008

Jailed 2 Years For Apostasy

The Sky Kingdom may not have been the most remarkable of religions. Some call it a cult, others call it just plain cuckoo.

But at the end of the day, they were a harmless communal bunch whose only "crime" was the rather over-sized tea-sets they had in their compound.

I'd be very happy to leave them quite to themselves. After all, they do have the right to do as they please as long as they don't encroach on any laws.

Obviously, the sanctimonious Islamists don't share my view. They got together to vandalise the commune in what I presume was one of their attempts to "curb the deviation of Islam".

The mob reportedly tossed Molotov cocktails, slashed car tires with machetes, broke the windows of several homes, and partially scorched religious structures, including a giant teapot and an umbrella-shaped building.

Malaysian police have failed to arrest anyone involved in the attack.

This is one situation I suppose both BN and PAS would be in agreement with.

One particular former religious teacher, Kamariah Ali has been jailed for 2 years.


“The court is not convinced that the accused has repented and willing to abandon any teachings contrary to Islam.

“The accused had also failed to response when I greeted her with Assalamualaikum during the start of the court proceeding and this shows that Kamariah has not repented,” he said.

You mean there are not enough criminals in Malaysia and our jails are so empty that you need to throw in people who don't share your views of Islam??

If our jails aren't being used, I can think of a few politicians in BN who could qualify for the space. For instance, the close-one-eye in Jasin, the racist paedophile in Melaka, and all those miscellaneous corrupted fools who have misappropriated government funds.

But no, you reserve it for a harmless woman under the charges of apostasy from Islam.


This is the government we have elected.

This is the freedom of religion we possess.

And they say Malaysia is a modern, progressive Islamic country??

Spare me.

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