Monday, 10 March 2008

Letter To Carol Chew Of MCA

Dear Ms Chew,

I'm writing this letter to rub in the fact that you lost the parliamentary seat under the Barisan Nasional ticket.

Usually I'm not all that nasty, but this time I'm of the opinion that you truly deserve it.

Just in case you haven't had time to look through the results of your disastrous attempts to run for elections, here it is:

P.122 SEPUTEH (76,371)

1. Carol Chew Chee Lin (BN-MCA) 19,738
2. Teresa Kok Suh Sim (DAP) 47,230

Majority 36,492

Malays: 5.6% Chinese: 86.7% Indians: 4.5% Others: 0.1%

Looks like you have gained some notoriety this elections for losing under the biggest majority ever.

Perhaps The New Straits Times (which is such rabid drivel of a newspaper owned by Barisan Nasional, the party you represent) should not have attempted such a ludicrous spin on how you were going to SLAY Teresa Kok in Seputeh.

In case you haven't realised, you got quite exterminated. Annihilated. Devastated. Bulldozed. Trampled. You catch my drift.

Do you know why you lost?

Firstly, you joined the wrong political party. You didn't have your finger on the pulse of the nation.

Really, you should try and get online more often. With our lack in freedom of speech, the blogosphere is where most of the vents and dissatisfactions are aired. And on the internet, there are no holds barred.

Barisan Nasional has made so many significant and unforgiveable blunders and mistakes. And yet, you still affiliated yourself with them to the extent of resorting to sexist propaganda; evidently standard operating procedure for any popular BN member of parliament.

Which by the way, was your second mistake. Teresa Kok is much liked by her constituents as well as the average person about town. She is not the most fiery female MP (that title is reserved for Fong Po Kuan) but she gets the issues sorted out.

So, claiming that Teresa was adulterously ditching the Seputeh constituency for Kinrara was just suicidal and a severe waste of billboard propaganda. But I'm sure you don't mind the wastage since it is us taxpayers who are footing the bill.

Besides, it spoke volumes about your character, rather than Ms Kok's when you resorted to cheap, underhand methods of attracting attention. Please do not delude yourself further - you were not "merely reflecting the people’s sentiments" at all.

Perhaps, the next five years could be spent reflecting on how not to stoop to cheap tactics on another woman and attending gender sensitivity courses to help you purge yourself of the sexism that is so rampant in Barisan Nasional and MCA, in particular.

Yours truly (or maybe not),


Arrica Lee said...


Thanks for dropping by at my site and leave a comment. I appreciate it. Like what you have said, I would really love to write to Carol Chew and send the letter to her as well(unfortunately, I don't have her email or address) but it is a pleasure writing about her. Anyway, keep on visiting my site,ya?

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Yours truly,
Arrica lee

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Esee said...

Hah! Well said. I love it! :)

weavingtales said...

Ahhh this is the letter.

Very well written.

ern said...

I'll get to it. Thanks for informing me.

bayi said...

Did you lose you senses, Carol? Were you blinded by your ambition? You know you deserved to lose, didn't you?

Had you won the race (God forbid), you would have turned into a monster overnight. You would have thought that the questionable tactics you used were justifiable, since the end was achieved. And this is the highly questionable mantra of all the BN parties.

I hope you have learnt your lesson.

huey mei said...

hahaha...this is cool...
but your blog here can be mine 2nd part...

Silver said...

Good post good say.