Monday, 17 March 2008

A Message For The UMNO Boys....

... from your tai ko:

Najib said, "Malaysians did not go to the streets to voice their dissent, as street demonstrations were not part of the Malaysian culture."

UMNO boys, are you Malaysians or not?? Your boss doesn't seem to think so.

Of course, he is under even bigger delusions. He said, "If they (the Opposition during the Bersih rally on Saturday) can gather 10,000 people, the Government through Barisan Nasional can gather even more people."

Sorry, dude. The crowd barely reached 1000.

Najib reiterated that street demonstrations only produced negative effects on the national economy, besides inconveniencing the people.

“Businesses are affected and the people are also inconvenienced by a few days of traffic jams as police set up roadblocks,” he said.

Penang UMNO boys, evidently, you're nothing but an inconveniently negative effect on the national economy. But hey, that's not me shooting my mouth off. It was your boss who said so.

Najib's words are especially hysterical in hindsight. He blabbers on about how Barisan Nasional was adored by the Indian community:

He pointed out that if the Government had practised discriminatory policies against the Hindus as claimed by Hindraf, the Indian community in the country would not have supported the Government all this time and Barisan Nasional would not have been able to achieve big victories in elections.

Now we all know how that ended, so I will try to keep from rubbing salt into raw wounds. :)

However, I'm still awed by the difference between the BN administration and the DAP one. One tries to sweep the matter under the carpet, while the other believes in allowing freedom of expression and listening to all grievances.

This, is what democracy is all about.


Vijay said...

Oooo...I want to chip in my 2 cents as well! Don't forget about:

"Are they [street protestors] trying to challenge the Government and leadership? But what they are actually challenging and casting aside is the law" Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (NST, November 12, 2007).

"[Street protests are] a waste of time" , Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam (NST, November 13, 2007).

"They [street protestors] are all suffering from kepala wayar putus", Datuk Seri Mohd Nazri Aziz (NST, November 13, 2007).

Poor Umno members and supporters who double up as street protesters. To think they're wasting their time challenging the law because their kepala putus wayar.

The People's Roar said...

They didn't respect the laws, didn't even have a permit and were so panic even before the new government starts the rulling. Come on, let the government do the rulling for awhile before you can judge and bring things on the street. So uncivilised!!! Just tangkap and taruh the organizing culprits into ISA. Reason: The Hindraf Boys were getting the same treatment for demanding their rights. Same applicable to you, monkeys!!!

Crankshaft said...

Hahaha, I must have missed those, Vijay. :)

And I agree with you, people's roar, if the HINDRAF boys have been thrown into the slammer, these ones deserve the same treatment.