Monday, 24 March 2008

Sultan Disses Terengganu MP

Frankly speaking, this post should be entitled, "Barisan Nasional disses The Yang Di-Pertuan Agong" because that's what it really is.

You certainly won't see this in the BN controlled mainstream media.

Malaysia's ruling party in tussle with palace over state chief

A political crisis was developing in Malaysia on Sunday after royalty in one of the country's states appointed a new chief minister in defiance of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's wishes.

Terengganu is the only state that has yet to install a government head 14 days after elections in which Abdullah's United Malays National Organisation (UMNO)-led ruling coalition suffered its worst ever results.

Abdullah's weakened Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition retained control of the northern state's assembly but his nominee for chief minister, incumbent Idris Jusoh, was unacceptable to the palace, who appointed UMNO assemblyman Ahmad Said instead.

"Ahmad Said has been appointed as the new chief minister and we are in the midst of stripping him of UMNO membership because he has defied the wishes of the party and president," UMNO state liaison secretary Rosol Wahid told AFP.

"We have already submitted a memorandum to the palace indicating that 22 out of the 24 BN state assemblymen support Idris Jusoh as chief minister," he said.

Rosol said members of the assembly were also planning a no-confidence motion against Ahmad.

The Sultan of Terengganu is at present the Malaysian King and has by law delegated his powers to his son who is only eight years old and so co-reigns with a three-member Regency Advisory Council.

Ahmad received his appointment letter from the Council early Sunday morning and is scheduled to be sworn in on Wednesday, according to palace officials.

Analysts say the clash between the Terengganu palace and Abdullah's government is symptomatic of the prime minister's weakened position after the large poll losses.

"Abdullah was already weak to begin with and the crisis in Terengganu it just shows how much more worse off his position is," Tricia Yeo, who heads the centre for public policy studies, told AFP.

"It shows the rampant infighting within the party that is now preventing the government from getting down to rule the country," she added.

"It is definitely a low point for UMNO."

It seems that UMNO can do no right.

As far as I can remember, this is the first time a Sultan has disagreed with Barisan Nasional's choice of candidate as Menteri Besar.

This time, the Sultan happens to be the Agong, the supreme ruler.

It doesn't seem to worry UMNO the least bit to go against his wishes in spite of all the thrashing they've received in the hands of the citizens.

The concept of "Daulat Tuanku" is the last thing on their minds.

This is beyond menderhaka. This is flashing a finger to the YDP Agong when they boycott his decision to appoint Ahmad Said as MB of Terengganu.

In fact, it has ascended to the very heights of super-biadap!

Of course, it's very interesting that the Agong flatly refused to re-appoint the incumbent, Idris Jusoh.

The news on the ground is that Idris Jusoh was hopelessly corrupted and practised blatant discrimination against those constituencies in Terengganu that were under the rule of PAS.

And then, his deplorable handling of the Batu Buruk issue evidently did not go unnoticed.

The Sultan of Terengganu obviously had been observing in silence. The Constitution provides that he does not issue public statements, so we generally have no idea of his stand on certain issues.

But I think his action has spoken volumes this time.


stupidmalaysia said...

The Agung is tired of Badawi and Patrick Badawi taking Terengganu for a ride.

Idris Jusoh after all is a mere running dog for Patrick Badawi.

As for UMNO members still loyal to UMNO, after this debacle, I wonder who's really menghina Raja Melayu, this time around they are dissing The Agung.

Crankshaft said...

You're right as usual, mate. This is big time menghina. But since it is BN who's doing it, it must somehow be justified.

I dropped by your site. And yeah, there is no love lost between the Malay Rulers and UMNO.

Zanie said...

Yes menderhaka they just did. If this happen in the ancient time when the sultan had an absolute rule, the traitors would be beheaded in public!
I am a common terengganu folk, I feel so ashamed of these bastards plus the stupid PM of ours. I'm ashamed to uncle Lim Kit Siang because as we told him to respect the sultan, the malays themselves show otherwise. This is a full disgrace!

Crankshaft said...

Releks la. We all sama-sama hantam Lim Kit Siang as Malaysians, regardless of whether we are Malay, Chinese or Indian.

And we all respect the sultan. These UMNO guys just kurang ajar je.

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