Tuesday, 11 March 2008

This Is Change!

MBPJ building photo credit: Wiley Chin of XiMnet.

Looks like PKR is getting its act together as they form their new government.

Newly elected Elizabeth Wong of Bukit Lanjan gives us an insight of what the Selangor government has in mind as it rebuilds the state:

In our meeting last night, Anwar Ibrahim brought us down to earth.

First - we have to change this ‘bodek’ feudal culture of Umno. ‘Yang Berhormat’ or YB is only appropriate in the halls of the state assembly or Parliament. Do the Brits or Australians go around calling their MPs or state legislators ‘Right Honourable’ in public? Nope.

So please don’t call us YBs. It gives me a strange icky feeling if you do.

Two - any unreasonable perks will be slashed. There will not be any redecorations in our offices and we will use the vehicles bought earlier by the state government. Our salary will also be cut. We gotta cut those wasteful and unnecessary spending.

Tan Sri Khalid is gonna run this state like a corporation. We are expected to file quarterly reports like any good company. Expect some redundant committees and positions created to appease the Umno-aites to be erased. And yeah - no belly-dancing in those ‘lawatan sambil belajar’. It’s ‘belajar sambil bekerja’.

Three - we will be open to everyone in regards to suggestions and inputs. We want to be take stock of what is immediate and urgent. And please give us time. Fifty years of nonsense will take time to be rectified and corrected.

It gives me a good feeling to know we're not going to be screwed in the back like we have been all these years.

Ms Wong will certainly be receiving some of my inputs for improvement.

And I'd expect RPK to be breathing down her neck on a regular basis.

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