Sunday, 11 May 2008

Charging Karpal With Sedition...

... for merely wondering aloud if it was within the Sultan's jurisdiction to revoke the transfer of a state civil servant?

They must be trying to distract us from some serious issues here. Like Altantuya's murder, potential hike in prices, inflation, sagging economy, minimum wages... you name it.

Apparently the 500 million citizens of Malaysia ("including those from Umno and also the non-Malays" - note the inference that all Malays are from UMNO) are incensed and outraged with Karpal's statements.

Oh wait, Malaysia doesn't have 500 million citizens? My bad. It just sounds like there are that many...

The 'Damai' gang, the ones representing the 'silent Malaysians' must be out again then. Do they have their piles of petitions on behalf of you and me?

Because I'm not sure there are that many angry people out there.

I know there are angry mosquitoes though. Last night one was buzzing loudly in my ear. I turned on the lights and waited for him to make an appearance but under the glare of my bedroom light, he was too shy.

Until I turned off the lights and went back to bed, of course. Then he came back to voice his opinions in my ear. I presume he was upset with Karpal's "seditious" remarks, blooming UMNO member that he probably is.

But I doubt he's a legitimate citizen of Malaysia (even if he resides here), so I will have to regretfully inform him that his opinions don't count before I whack him into oblivion if I run into him again.

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