Sunday, 18 May 2008

Crying Foul Over Indelible Ink Fiasco

Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman cries foul.

He is not happy for having to take the rap for the cabinet.

The cabinet, the majority of whom belonged to Barisan Nasional and knew that without some manipulation on their part, would never be able to win the elections on their own merit.

The same cabinet who ordered that the indelible ink not be used on dodgy, unverifiable pretexts, after allegedly making orders worth a few millions!

And the very cabinet that extended the age of the Election Commission chairman from 55 to 56, merely so he could assist them with their shenanigans during that crucial election period.

As for the EC Chairman, all I can say is: STOP THAT SNIVELLING!!!

He was the imbecile who publicly declared his support for Barisan Nasional, claiming they have the mandate to rule this nation. Them, and only them.

In his position, he should have been impartial.

But he wasn't, and while he claims that the recent elections were the best run with no incongruencies - in his words: conducted smoothly and very transparent - I know better.

Did we vote in a Barisan Nasional government? Hell no. It should be the Opposition ruling our nation right now.

But yet, the fact that Pakatan Rakyat won with such overwhelming support must mean the people desperately want change, not the bunch of clowns who can't even be bothered to lie properly to save their asses.


Anonymous said...

this pengerusi spr should be conferred with tunship for his sandiwara

Crankshaft said...

the entire UMNO is full of sandiwara.