Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Raja Petra Goes To Jail

RPK's arrest has got to be the best advertisement for Malaysia Today, not that it needs any. Most Malaysians pay more heed to it than the local dailies, anyway.

Our silly government doesn't realise that even the apolitical are all agog to find out what the fuss is about the now infamous article, "Let's Send the Altantuya Murderers to Hell".

But Raja Petra Kamarudin (or better known to the rest of us bloggers as RPK) is in his element. He knows he has his following.

There's nothing to stop him from show-boating. And that he certainly is. :)

You think he can't pay the measly RM5000 bail? His refusal is merely to send a message to the government about how much support he has garnered down at the grassroots.

And his day in jail will make a hero out of him. Heck, I'm the eternal cynic and even I am impressed.

But I am willing to bet high stakes that RPK will not spend more than a day in jail. Bloggers and blog readers will be falling over themselves to collect bail.

The fact is, all of us Malaysians (at least those that utilise their brain cells) know that Najib and Rosmah are connected with the murder of this Mongolian model. It's coffee table news.

Heck, it's occasionally even dinner table news. We Malaysians have no qualms about discussing grisly details over a meal, bless our perverted souls.

RPK didn't say anything that the rest of us haven't blurted out at one time or another. But he has credibility, more so than our entire government, and the influence.

Someone out there is scared enough to try silence him and subsequently silence the rest of the blogosphere into submission.

I'm not alone in my opinion. The Tikus, being much smarter than me, has a very succinct and informed post on why a sedition charge for RPK is dodgy.

Go read it.

Like I'd predicted, the RM5000 was collected even before the dude got charged. Rumours abound that at 7.30pm, the amount collected in Malaysia alone was RM24,500 - almost 5 times more than what was needed.

And if everyone donated RM1 like they were instructed to, it means there are at least 24,500 Malaysians standing behind RPK and his article.

That speaks volumes enough.

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