Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Brand Equity - Unethical Advertising

This deplorable advert for brand equity was brought to my attention through an email from a friend.

The irony of it is the tagline, 'Intelligent Brand Warfare'.

Some of you may be aware that I was in Spain for over a month on business. During my aimless weekend wanderings, I chanced upon numerous bullfighting rings. The most famous of them being the Plaza del Toro in Sevilla.

No, I did not watch any shows. I would never dream of exchanging my hard-earned cash for an hour of gruesome torture to an innocent animal, under the guise of "entertainment".

I concede that bullfighting is part of Spanish culture. A vile, deplorable part of it, but don't get me started.

Besides, there are so many other incredible nuggets of Spain which I thoroughly enjoyed, like Flamenco dancing, their quaint little pubs, their Sangria wine, the Kanya beer (to be drunk chilled), Real Madrid (and I'm not even a football fan), their music, and oh, their ever-so-gorgeous hunks.

But I digress. :)

There's nothing intelligent about fighting or sparring with an unnecessarily provoked beast, that is caged and alone with a "fighter" who has plenty of back-up and distractions if things head south.

To add salt to injury, the bull has to be slain before the matador (or bullfighter) is declared victorious! Such a despicably brutal sport, if you can call it that!!

It especially wounds me, being an animal-lover. I have been a vegetarian for about 2 years now, because I really do not see the point in killing an animal just to satisfy the appetite.

I know this may offend some of you out there, but my opinion remains.

And this advertisement, in trying to portray what they regard as 'brand warfare' (I'll really have to leave out the word 'intelligent', if you don't mind), has found the advertisers failing miserably, considering their area of speciality lies in media (and presumably public) perception.

I urge Mr. James Selva, the CEO of Perception Media Sdn Bhd to seriously consider removing this advertisement from the line of advertising banners displayed.

It shows flagrant disregard for responsible and ethical advertising standards.

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zorro said...

Am seriously considering posting a thread on this. Timely post.