Monday, 2 June 2008

Chor Is Unfit To Represent The People

I have been accused of calling the people I blog about, all kinds of names. That's because for me to notice them, they're usually a special breed of stupid.

This post is going to be no different. Deal with it.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the president of Idiots Anonymous.

"Hello, my name is Chor Chee Heung and I'm an idiot."

They say the first step to combat idiocy is to admit it.

But that would be too much to hope for this particular buffoon.

He has in the past been known for making ridiculous statements.

One that stands out in mind is, "The rise in the crime rate means the economy of our country is doing well, because there are things for people to rob."

But his latest gaff is harder to forgive.

To actually condone the acts of the police force who assaulted a bystander simply because they were stronger than he was is too difficult for the average Malaysian to stomach.

We watch horror movies, stop the car to oogle at accident scenes on the highway and send each other awfully graphic pictures of bloodied victims, but deep down inside, we are soft.

The injustice of seeing a young 21 year old get beaten for no reason dwells in our mind for quite a bit, and at times even evokes righteous rage against the minister who speaks so callously of the incident.

Perhaps we shouldn't be hard on him. He has been selected to be the sacrificial lamb, led to the slaughter purely because of his race.

Since the victim was a young Chinese man, it is expected that only another Chinese man can mollify and diffuse the situation so that people will forget and calm down.

But we have matured. It is not only the Chinese who are angry. All the races are angry. Screw that. Malaysia is angry.

In the current system that we have, it is not Chor Chee Heung's job to fight for the rights of his fellow mankind, but to protect the interests of Barisan Nasional, and more importantly, UMNO.

It is no secret that the police are the running dogs of UMNO, hence they know that their only master is the ruling party and they need not fear their true paymasters, the rakyat.

Barisan Nasional, especially the Malaysian Chinese Association, MCA, has been repeating a refrain for some time. They keep telling the Chinese, "Now who will represent you in Parliament when you keep voting in Opposition MPs of a different race?"

This time, the representative was a Chinese man from MCA. Did he truly represent his Chinese fellow man? Or did he trade it off for his next term in parliament by putting the interests of UMNO first?

I am not the first to say it. MCA is totally irrelevant. As irrelevant as MIC was, is and will be.

For all those who vote for their MPs purely based on race, because they think they can represent them more effectively, think again.

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