Thursday, 5 June 2008

Fuel Price Up In Malaysia

I think Pak Lah knows he's going to be kicked out of office soon.

And so, the dude has to rake in the money and fast before he has no more access to the funds.

The easiest way, is to reduce the fuel subsidy - with the predictably empty promises that this money will be channelled into improving public transportation or some such.

You and I know that's bull.

Ladies and gentlemen, mark my words - that money will go into the pockets of our esteemed politicians.

In other words, we will be paying for their luxurious lifestyles which we have been advised to abstain from to cope with the inevitable rise in cost of living.

Food prices will escalate, the cost of public transportation (inadequate as it currently is) will also increase, and even the rates for electricity.

So now we'll have to limit our food intake, refrain from going anywhere except for the regular trips between the house and the office, and get rid of the air-conditioning and replace it with fans.

Better still, fold up the A4-size advertisement flyers people leave on your windshield and fan yourself frantically before you fall asleep in the naturally heated 18th storey of your apartment which has just seen 10 hours of sun beating down on it.

Only the profoundly stupid will believe that the government cannot afford to sustain the current subsidy. After all, we are an oil-producing country.

We own a company called Petronas which unearths (literally) copious amounts of petroleum off our very own shores. We export this very high grade petroleum in exchange for lower grade petroleum from the Middle East.

They have bigger oil reserves, but ours are of better quality. So we actually make a profit when it comes to our oil ventures.

Petronas belongs to the Malaysian people. No one can stake a claim on what belongs to a nation.

However, NO information pertaining to Petronas has been made accessible to the public.

Why? I think deep down inside, we all know the answer. A lot of the profits are vanishing into personal accounts, and a select, exclusive number of individuals have become wealthy.

Immensely wealthy.

So now, you and I are going to be paying RM2.70 for a liter of petrol so that someone out there can maintain his status quo and life of relative luxury which he feels he is entitled to.

Beautiful world we live in.


stupidmalaysia said...

so sad yet so true.
But the saddest thing, is that we allow this to happen to us.
We did not question, we voted with our eyes closed and we continue to bicker amongst ourselves as those in power continue to loot the our assets right under our bickering noses.

Stevie said...

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