Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Journalists Complain Of Being Dissed

I find this highly amusing.

The journalists (if you can call those who write for tabloids that - we don't have legitimate mainstream media in Malaysia, remember?) have got their knickers in a knot for being prohibited from entering the parliament lobby.

They feel dissed. Treated like pests. Like low-down beggars hoping for a measly crumb.

"How demeaning is that..." they whimper in injured tones.

Yeah, well. Cry me a river.

Don't expect any sympathy from me, you fools! You lost my respect a long time ago when you traded your dignity for rewards from your masters, the Barisan Nasional goons.

You had a chance to redeem yourselves after March 8, and give fair and equal coverage to the politicians from Pakatan Rakyat, or what was formerly known as The Opposition.

But you didn't have the gumption for it.

I know what your excuse for that would be. "I was not allowed to."

Now you and I know that's a bowl of CRAPPOLA served up with sprinklings of high-fibre bran and dollops of milk!

If YOU don't report the truth, and in equal perspectives (that means unbiased coverage from both sides), who do you expect to bear that burden? Bloggers?

Heck. If YOU did your job properly, people like me would be relegated to blogging about Dunkin' Donuts, Victoria's Secret and ... Backstreet Boys.

Okay, maybe it's a good thing you're so dysfunctional.

But wake up and smell the coffee, folks.

Do you think I really care about the lies that some of our BN goons spout with utterly no shame displayed in their corrupted, asinine faces?

I want the real news from Pakatan Rakyat. And perhaps some dirt from BN. That's all it's good for anyway.

Take yourself seriously. Stop the biased reporting.

One day, maybe someone will respect you.


Mr.Crocodile said...

not that i'm supporting the government,nor the opposition.but yea,it's kinda boring watching the news or reading the newspapers and all that i get is a very,clearly,obviously bias reports.i mean,sickening what???haha

ar well,perhaps the govt still think us as in the dark and dunno anything.ceh!

Anonymous said...

last time some people tried to boycott newspapers, dono if it worked liao.