Monday, 16 June 2008

Long Queues To Claim Fuel Rebate

Good ole Malaysians.

Running after money like there's no tomorrow.

Now I understand that this fuel price hike is a burden on lots of people.

And it's no secret that the nefarious blood-sucking government (or to be specific, the politicians are) is out to steal the money that should rightfully belong to the citizens.

But really folks, that money isn't going to disappear within the next week or so. If you wait for a couple of days, no one will poach that cash.

I promise you.

It's just RM625, for the love of God.

Your kiasu-ism is the reason why you get taken advantage of, like the sorry-ass fools who charge you for a measly postal order form.


Anonymous said...

they are not kiasu; they are in dire straits and the rm625 will help them tide through for a month.
i read on the first day 239,000 odd people qued and jostled for the money.
i presume you are also entitled to the rm 625, but you did not jostle because you have no need for the money

Crankshaft said...

For a month? And then what happens?

No, I have no need for the money. And in the face of this situation I actually feel a little bad.