Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Scholarships For Bumiputras

Susan Loone brought up the issue of some UMNO fool called Ahmad Ikmal Ismail who has said some hatefully seditious things about non-bumiputras, as reported in The Star.

Ahmad Ikmal said this meant that scholarships were being taken from the bumiputras to be given to the non-bumiputras.

“We object to this move because it now means that 700 scholarships for bumiputra students are gone,” he said.

Of course, that inevitably led to a discussion of the New Economic Policy which some Malays cling on stubbornly to, not unlike a toddler and his bantal busuk.

One particular commenter, Bola Hangus, goes off on a rant about how unfairly the Malays are being treated:

Chinaman will always try to look down and blame the malays eventhough the fault mainly lies with UMNO. To them, being condescending to the malay is considered normal and no matter how smart a malay is, a graduate of oxford or harvard, the malay is just intelectually inferior and the only reason these ivy leaques accept them is because they are malay and the quota system.

I wonder who conceived that perception and continues to perpetuate it? It is the Malays themselves who demand special rights, claiming to be intellectually inferior.

In fact, they even consider their fellow Malays as less intelligent than a non-Malay. I work in a rather unique field. My previous superior, a senior engineer, was a highly intelligent Malay man.

I have yet to meet a smarter and humbler man (though he has no reason whatsoever to be humble).

My head of department is also a Malay. He is capable, responsible and accountable for his team. Both these Malay men have earned the respect of my non-Malay colleagues and myself as neither have been recipients of "special rights".

But my Malay colleagues have regarded both with no small amount of suspicion. Both are somewhat of loners and tend to hang out by themselves.

The fact is, if the Malays themselves cannot laud their fellow men for their personal successes without having some measure of jealousy and the intense need to backbite, do you expect some apek Chinaman not to be condescending?

Bola Hangus continues:

The chinamen bitch and moan about not getting equal opportunity etc etc etc. Do they even offer such opportunity to others?

Well, no. Let me share with you what another Malay brought up in a separate post, this time at Rocky's Bru.

But the truth is this, and I have asked my non-Malay friends the same question. Generally, in the context of carrying out mammoth projects, do you think Malays are competent? Almost all my friends were either stumped, because they were polite to say yes on reflex, or they would say yes after some deliberation.

I then asked them this question. If you, for example, are in the position to award contracts, would you give it to a Malay? Again, silence, or a simple no.

It's a Catch 22 situation. The Malays cannot compete because they have been molly-coddled by their "special rights" but they refuse to become independent and let go of the policy because they feel they cannot compete.

Payback Time explains the real situation here:

Bola Hangus; … .. You hanged on to your rights and see how many more generations of people like you gonna be look down upon by other under acheivers non competitive..waiting for handout all the time. Wonder why chinaman towkay doesn’t prefer people like you…wakeup and smell the propaganda our politician are preaching..people like you are just a pawn for their own ambition..get it

Unfortunately, those in favour of the NEP believe it should still remain in spite of their own admission that they are incompetent. I seriously question the logic behind that.

The perpetuation of the NEP is discrediting the Malays who have made it on their own. And Galadriel is right, by claiming that Malays are being threatened by the increase in scholarships being given to non-bumiputras, Umno insults bumiputera students.

Bola Hangus eventually reveals why he has such strong feelings against the non-bumiputras, the Chinese in particular.

I have personaly experienced racism pepertrated by the chinaman (if you want to believe or not) in the form of refusing to rent shoplot, artificially inflating prices whn it comes to rates, providing unsellable items or overstock (wholesaler) instead of the good ones reserved for their own kind., condescending remarks, etc etc Whatever it is i know them inside out. Now is the in thing to use “malaysian” cos as a malaysian, chinaman will come on top. This is the excuse and strategy for now. Let me ask you a question, singapore practices meritocracy, where is the malays over there? name afew famous ones? If they dont discriminate then why they pull out malays for questioning at the train station?

I was studying in the states for 5 years. Once i applied to work at a chinese restaurant. They said i coundnt cos i didnt speak chinese and i needed to speak it in order to communicate with the cooks in the kitchen. Funny thing is that there were 5 americans who also work there and none spoke the language. The moral of the story is the americans do not yield to these chinese demands, it’s america we speak english here goddammit. Only if you are weak then the chinaman will take advantage over you and exploit you.

Interestingly, it is kacang putih who first gauges the real issue behind Bola Hangus' anger.

Bola, as an admitted PHD in racism I feel sorry that you have been mistreated by so called “chinamen” in your past. Lest not forget that whatever ill feelings you feel toward them the fact of the matter is at this very moment Malaysia as a whole is a racist country that is anti chinese, indians etc. Regardless of what your personal experiences have been with an individual or group in the past the truth is the Indians and Chinese are getting the raw end of the deal.

I am 100% sure that whever bad experiences you have had with a chinamen, an opposite and similar situation has happened to a chinese man too dealing with malays.

I could not have said it better myself. Kudos to you, kacang putih.

But the question remains for Bola Hangus to answer, in the past few years of giving special rights to the bumiputras, has there been significant improvement?

Have they become competent? Capable of running and managing their businesses?

Collectively, have the non-bumiputras begun to gain respect for the bumiputras?

Have the deserving bumiputras truly been helped or is it just a select bunch of elite, connected individuals who have benefitted?

Do the bumiputras prefer to live on handouts for the rest of their lives simply because they were born in this land and claim entitlement to it?

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