Saturday, 5 July 2008

Fighting Fire With Fire

Bolehland is a strange place.

I would say it is the strangest place on the planet, but firstly, I could be biased (being subject to way too much the past few days). And secondly, I cannot claim to having been everywhere.

But I know we have some simple rules, based on which we evidently play by. (I'm not exactly quick on the uptake, but eventually even I get the picture).

1) The truth is based on impressions, not facts.
2) Fight fire with fire.

Now, this second rule is what I find quite intriguing as I have been observing some very stark comparisons in this political power play.

It's sort of like a tit for tat. Eye for an eye. Tooth for a tooth. And Newton's 3rd Law: Every action has an equal but opposite reaction. (Who said Physics wasn't important?)

In other words, fighting anus with anus.

BN: We gotcha, sucker! We're gonna have a cute little pretty boy say you've been taking the back way. Again!! ::nefarious laugh::

PKR: Not this time, dumb-asses! Two can play that game! We'll say your poster boy Defence Minister cum Deputy Prime Minister has been taking the back way with a nice pretty girl before blowing her up! ::dart away to some foreign embassy::

For Newton's 3rd Law to be fulfilled:
Equal: Anal sex.
Opposite: One is male, the other's female.

But basically, yes - ass-play for ass-play. Aren't we such refined, cultured people?

Heck, Bolehland even fights Rice (Condoleeza) with Rais (Yatim). Now you know why the PM in all his unfathomable wisdom picked this pompous fool for the position of Foreign Minister.

That, and his talent for lubricating his jaws with saliva. An example of his mindless ramblings:

"I think it is just an esoteric act on behalf of the US State Department by a junior officer. However, we hope that Anwar will cease to become an 'attractive bird' to the American side.

"The US has a habit of sticking its nose not only in our affairs but they do that almost as a matter of course in respect of other countries as well. But they have a special interest in Malaysia, somehow," he said.

Yeah, big boy. How I love his patronising attitude and inflated sense of importance.

I'm sure the US really takes a special interest in us, considering our penchant for taking the Hershey Highway.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...Yeah Malaysians are generally very crude and childish in "politics"...Whether in life or "politics politics"...
Hmmm, you mentioned in a post that I may be anti-DAP. Anyway, I want to add that the Chinese-ed are usually more refined in "politics"...maybe cos a bit sneaky too ;) Ke Ke Ke An eye for an eye but not immediately

Crankshaft said...

I'll keep an eye out for the sneaky ones then. :)