Tuesday, 22 July 2008

First Malaysian In Space Is Now Datuk

So our spaceflight participant predictably got his datukship.

It feels like a let-down to compare his efforts (if you can call it that) to that of Nicol David, who is a world champion in her own right.

As for Sheikh Muszaphar... what did he do? Eat Malaysian food in space?

I've been pretty hard on the man. It was never personal, but I felt the entire space programme was a gross misuse of funds for a lack of purpose.

In light of our current economic situation, with petrol prices rising and the inflation rate sky-rocketing, it was such a waste of money.


Anonymous said...

you know how that saying goes where if you compare yourself to someone less endowed you will always be too proud of yourself and if you compare yourself to someone better you always will be greedy for more? It's all about relativity ...

Sure compared to Nicol, he doesn't seem to have done much ...except endure the harsh cold of winter in Siberia, the small confines of the soyuz while floating about in the unpredictable black sea and the possible risk of losing life and limb should the soyuz burst into flames upon leaving and entering the earth or get tossed about during a glitch in the landing process .... but compared to the likes of people who just "bought their title" or those who get the title based on producing sons who have made a name for themselves, surely Sheikh Muszaphar has done loads more...

Crankshaft said...

So basically, you think we should have low expectations of ourselves?

Be grateful for even imagined achievements?

Oh wait. What else do you champion? Bumiputra rights? Malay unity?