Thursday, 10 July 2008

More Body-Snatching In This Rotten State

It's no secret that KTemoc is anti-PKR, while Jed Yoong displays very startling signs of being anti-DAP.

And I? I have been accused of being anti-PAS.

Even a friend who was reading my blog said, "Although you start off by apologizing that you are going to blast PAS, your blog takes a very friendly approach to such blasting."

Point taken, Kev :-)

PAS can be misogynistic, among other things, and that usually makes me see red.

But at least PAS cannot be accused of this: making claims on dead bodies over alleged conversions to Islam.

I don't rightly claim to know who these "religious authorities" are, but PAS hasn't come forward to claim responsibility over them. They could be some random minions of the government who just generally lack a sense of direction in life, aren't getting laid, or have ants in their pants.

Seriously, these bastards are pathetic.

A man commits suicide -- hangs himself. For whatever reason.

His distraught family sends him to the hospital for a post-mortem.

You'd think they've had enough grief for awhile? But no. Enter the religious authorities who claim that the man had mysteriously converted, though there was no mention of it to his family.

And this latest case is even more lacking in credibility, because there is no signature, thumbprint or any other evidence to indicate or prove that there was, indeed, a conversion on the part of the dead man, Elangesvaran.

So the family filed an injunction in High Court to prevent these religious buffoons from claiming the body and burying it simply because there are all these vague notions floating that claim he may be Muslim.

It's their relative after all, and it would mean much more if they gave him the final farewell.

Now if this was a normal, reasonable country, this case would be heard in a civil court, which would in effect, be a level playing field.

But again, no.

The religious authorities sneakily bring their case to a Syariah Court, which, in an equally dirty manner rules in favour of the religious authorities.

This is unethical and frankly illegal, because the ruling of a Syariah Court should only apply when both parties are Muslim. The dead man's family was undisputably Hindu.

And yet, based on this asinine ruling, the poor fool was eventually buried in the Parit Buntar Muslim cemetery by complete strangers.

I once had an ex-colleague, with whom I was prone to having profound discussions.

This time the discussion was about big events like weddings and funerals and the cost incurred in hosting them. I was in particular, complaining about weddings.

Lisa looked straight in my eye and said, "Hon, weddings are never about you - they're about your parents!" It took me a while to digest that before I inquired, "And funerals?"

She paused for a moment. "Funerals are for those you leave behind." And today, I understand what she meant. It's about closure. It's about paying your last respects. It's about saying goodbye.

But Elangesvaran Benedict's family never got to say goodbye.


KTemoc said...

bloody body snatching zealots!

oh, one small correction to kaytee being anti-PKR; I am only anti AI and his core group (basically former UMNO apparatchiks who were expelled from UMNO for being too arrogantly greedy, even by the standards of avaricious UMNO); I do have friends in PKR who aren't in this group ;-) yes, I know, they despair of me but I stand firmly true to my beliefs lah

Anonymous said...

welcome to bolehland

Crankshaft said...

You're a lost cause, KT. :) But good to know you aren't anti-PKR.

Purple Haze said...

The obvious court to decide on this matter is the Civil Court.

It is disturbing to note that there is not much outcry on this particular matter given the facts of the case. Where are the Bar Council and mutli-racial political parties to defend the religious fredom of Malaysia's rakyat ?

Can Elangesvaran's family sue the Syariah Court and Muslim authorities in the civil court ?