Thursday, 21 August 2008

Anger Can Be A Good Thing

Aisehman is an angry man.

He is livid about the Perak state executive councillors arrested by the ACA for alleged graft, involving a proposed housing project in Seri Iskandar worth RM 180mil.

I'm not one for getting into people's faces with "I-told-you-so", but this is precisely why I'm against defections from Barisan Nasional to Pakatan Rakyat.

If we're going to clean up, let's do it properly. Start anew. Make politics something to be proud of, not a matter of who got into bed with whom. We have waited for 50 whole years, can't we wait just a little longer?

At the rate BN is going, it will be no time at all that they will diligently and conscientiously self-destruct. Taking train rides into the city to meet the common folk isn't going to cut it.

Not when you magnanimously assure the Indians that they will receive licenses to be scrap metal collectors if they vote for BN in Permatang Pauh.

Or when you prop Lee Chong Wei up in Permatang Pauh and tell the Chinese that Malaysian sport is so multicultural, that the same could be expected for the administration of the nation.

Or when you tell the Chinese that they're so lucky to be able to retain their names instead of having to change it.

We're not THAT stupid to be taken in. Well, not all of us, anyway.

The smarter ones appear to provoke the wrath of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. The nerve of us to use our brains, damn us!

You'd think a brain was there for keeping the scalp and skull in shape. But no, some of us bloggers actually have the temerity to use our grey matter. Someone send in the ISA! Oh wait, someone has already suggested it!

Of course, what is right and wrong can be subject to judgement and discourse. Abdullah calls the act of bloggers to fly the flag upside down as 'evil'.

Evil? I can use two better, more bombastic words to accurately describe Abdullah Ahmad Badawi - nefarious despot.

You have probably realised by now that I have chosen to fly the flag upside down. It was a decision I made after deliberating for more than 3 days.

Originally, it was meant for the eyes of someone out there who has the power and capacity to do something about it. I don't know if that person/s exists, but that's not why it's still up.

It breaks my heart to see the flag upside down. It reminds me everytime I come into my own site, that we are a nation in distress. If the flag doesn't bother you (even just a tiny bit) when you see it like that, I don't know what to say.

I know a lot of people disagree with my position. They think it's disrespectful and that I should not take out my anger on the country, because it is the BN-dominated government who is screwing us, not our fellow Malaysians.

This has nothing to do with disrespect. My anger is neither against the flag, nor the national anthem, nor the country. I love my country. It is the state of the country that I am portraying with the flag in that position.

When I was about 8 or 9 years of age, Adik and I had a couple of pet tortoises named Justin and Tatyana Romanova. Being kids, we once neglected them for a couple of days.

You know how hectic life can be when you're a kid. So many other commitments - playing with the Lego set, mutilating Barbie dolls, chasing the neighbour's cat, fighting, and on occasion, doing homework.

But the neglect cost us (and the pet tortoises) their lives. They turned ... well, turtle. Upside down, that is. Just the way our country is slowly and surely headed. You neglect something for just a while and it turns upside down.

Someone suggested hanging the BN flag upside down, instead of our national flag.

Perish the thought. There is no way in heaven or hell or in-between, that a BN flag is going to taint my site.

In fact, I wouldn't even consider burning the BN flag as a sign of protest because it's not worth the carbon dioxide and other noxious gases it would emit when flag cloth is set on fire.

I may use it to wipe my feet though.


walla said...

Actually that PM2010 insulted the non-malays. Money for vernacular schools and licenses to collect scrap iron? With those things he expected the rakyat to fall on their knees and thank him as profusely as in that picture of one idiotic fella fawning over him? The very fact that he timed them to this by-election shows how gone they all are in Umno. Did it even cross his brain that his bribe in all but name actually showed how bankrupt of ideas Umno has to relieve the suffering of the rakyat? Let me ask: why make the offer now? Were the rakyat not suffering before? You mean you need to have a by-election to justify support for education, to give licenses so that people can collect scrap iron for a living? You could have but you didn't? Are you some lord and the rakyat peasants? And when you were defense minister, how much of the rakyats' money was lost in the lumut fiasco and other projects? And you want to be PM2010?

Is it any wonder then that rakyat want to hoist the flag upside down to show their pain, disillusionment and anger at all the crap that Umno has delivered? Umno might as well scrap itself for the way it has divided the rakyat, mistreated half the population, neglected the truly needy and poor, and cheated on all but the lordly.

May there be a final day of reckoning for all those who have bled this country dry. They bled not only this country's wealth but also the hope, aspirations and fortitude of the rakyat. They have turned the rakyat into rezident evil's and then their leader has got the irascible nerve to label people who articulate the situation clearly as evil. Here, Mr pm, pick another word:

malayamuda said...

where was Najib when the chinese and Indians were in distress?

where was Najib when Moorthy;s body was confiscated by the Islamic fanatics ?

where was Najib when Hindu temples were being broken down by Toyol ?

where was Najib when Chinese schools were being closed down left right and centre ?

where was najib when non Malay businessmen found it hard to get Government contracts ?

where was Najib when racist teachers hurled racist abuses at non Malay children ?

Now the F@#KER wants Chinese and Indian votes it seems


Anonymous said...

just declared: If BN menang, all voter in Permatang Pauh to have free fuel for 3 yrs.! easy win, why so difficult! I really hope my MP die or resign, so that our constiuency get someting. Let's pray for this.. what a fucktup world we have here!!!! really "tu-lan", power of "tu-lan" will change the goverment....makkal "tu-lan"

Knights Templar said...

Lady,took you 3 days to decide huh ? Our nation is indeed in distress,but turning the flag upside down wont help.If ur a Robert Redford fan,please watch The Last Castle and watch how it ends.Turning the flag upside down can and was only used in two situations,when a ship or castle is in distress calling out for help.And since you have pondered on this ,i respect your decision.i shall post something said by The RANGER "That flag is not the government, it is our nation. People tend to forget that, the injustices inficted cannot be blamed on the nation but the government of the day. Destiny and the fate of the nation is in your hands. You are the ones who can decide what kind of a nation we can be.The bad things that we experience is bestowed upon us by our elected representatives, who are more interested in maintaining the status quo. Changing it, well you have seen what you had done on the 8th March 2008. You can do that again. Of course, everyone of us wants to be treated equally, even though it is not being practised, rolling over and keeping quiet is not it. Neither is flying the flag upside down"

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it" always." - Mohandas K Gandhi

Keep up the good writing for it is a breath of fresh air.

Crankshaft said...

Our nation is indeed in distress,but turning the flag upside down wont help.

Really? You keep saying that, but you can't give me conclusive evidence to support your claims.

Is this based on gut-feeling or something synonymous to that?

fergie said...

I love reading your blog, crankshaft. Malayamuda has asked of Najib the very questions I would also like to ask. He must take us Chinese and Indians for complete fools to be used at his whim and fancy. AND what does the PM mean by EVIL??? He has a poor command of English???

Knights Templar said...

Well lady,as i have said earlier ... i respect your right to do so.And no,i can't give you conclusive evidence to support my claims.Its just a difference of opinion.Maybe i've worn it too long on my shoulders and getting soft about it.Maybe.Have a great weekend.

Crankster said...

Fergie, I think I may have a clue. But more later.

Knights, have a great weekend yourself. :)

Hitam Had said...

And so the Malaysian tanker flew its flag upside down to no avail. The would be rescuers could not decide whether it was in distress or not after the highest levels in the Malaysian Government decided that flying the Malaysian flag upside down was evil and not a sign of distress! Pirates-won Malaysia-lost

This is another example of Malaysia Boleh! ...stupidity rules!


rox said...

knights has a point. How does flying the flag upside help? Who's coming to help us? We can only help ourselves but the trouble is we want change at all costs.

And I can only look on helplessly from my vantage point and see Malaysians who are so desperate that they are willing to throw themselves to sharks in order to escape from pirates.

I posted this at Zorro And I think I'll post it here too because it's about the whole sorry state we're in.

Only big God knows the truth, Zorro, only big God knows. We can all speculate to kingdom come.

It's a political game and as one clever bastard once said and I'll never get tired of repeating, "All's fair in love and war."

As for me, I don't really care anymore as either way, BN or PR, the rakyat are still the BIG losers.

All the BN idiots (the fact is Anwar DID try to entice them, and BN losers are joining PKR en masse) will just move over to PR, if PR formed the government. (We are already seeing BN-like PKR thugs beating up photographers. And it's only the beginning.)

In the end, PR becomes BN again, so what change?

I just watch, with big God (who doesn't meddle) in "what's next?" astonishment at the manoeuvres and laugh.

The win, as history tells us, will always go to the most cunning because he can deceive better than the other. And because there are more fools in the world. Sigh.

Crankster said...

Hitam Had, did the tanker really fly its flag upside down?

Rox, I promise a response soon. A long one. :)

Hitam Had said...

Hahaha Miss C, don't really know how the tanker flew the flag when it was in distress. Just a feeble attempt at black humour to vent my frustration.


Crankster said...

Hahaha. You got me there! :)