Saturday, 23 August 2008


It was Fergie who helped me see the light.

"AND what does the PM mean by EVIL???" she asked.

It got me thinking.

Now there are heaps of more impressive words that could be used besides evil. This list, in fact, is hardly exhaustive.

Besides, the last time I checked, it was more hip and happening to call bloggers unemployed women, monkeys and goblok. So why evil, all of a sudden?

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

You see, he'd called us bloggers evil, because we'd flown our flags upside down. So Pak Lah wanted in on a piece of action, too.

If you notice, the word E-V-I-L spelt backwards is L-I-V-E!! It's an encryption code, which only I (with the help of Fergie) have deciphered. (I'll accept my Nobel Peace Prize later.)

So what Pak Lah actually means is Bloggers Live!! As in Hidup Bloggers! Or maybe he'd even moot the idea of Bloggers Siaran Langsung, since he's gone into taking train rides these days.

Anything can happen, man.

So basically, since we flew our flag upside down, he put his word backwards. I'll have to send him my thanks. Though I'll probably have to run it through morse or radio-encrypt it. How about the NATO phonetic alphabet?

Alfa Alfa Bravo, do you read me?

Damn, he's out again.

Putrajaya, we have a problem.


Rox said...
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walla said...

Brilliant decryption. Still stuck on the japanese code for invasion of pearl harbour. That explains why i can't understand what the davinci code is all about. Calling Simon Singh. We have a situation. Over.

bayi said...

He's just conserving his energy. :)

fergie said...

You are absolutely BRILLIANT, crankster, just like Walla said! Yup, Putrajaya has a problem .. Captain keeps dozing off .. are we on auto pilot? hahaha .. but bayi says he is conserving energy .. for Jeanne?? I read somewhere (forgive my short-term memory loss) that Sir Winston Churchill also took catnaps .. wah can compare this bloke with Churchill ah? Malaysia can become an EMPIRE!!

Crankster said...

Walla - you lost me at Smon Singh.

Bayi & Fergie,
Everytime I see a new pic of him catching his forty winks, I wonder, Jeanne, what on earth were you up to last night, girlfriend?!!!

walla said...

sigh, crankster:

and, take your time with him, he's smart:

Crankster said...

Haven't got round to Simon Singh, but wow, this S Anand guy is something else. :)

Knights Templar said...

The NATO phonetic alphabet meaning No Action Talk Only ? Evil spelt backwards does give LIVE but maybe Alpha Alpha Bravo was trying to anagramise it giving words like being EVIL and VILE hiding behind a VEIL.who knows whats he's thinking in between the naps huh.

Patricia said...

Brilliant and hilarious, Crankster! You go, girl!

Crankster said...

who knows whats he's thinking in between the naps huh.
How to fleece the citizens of more money.

Thanks, Pat. And all those others who compliment me, dun lah, now I pai seh oredi. :)

walla said...

But excellence should be accorded due recognition, no?