Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Malaysia Is In Distress

Honestly, I don't know who it is out there, who can make a difference.

We need a judiciary with integrity.

We need law enforcement with the courage to do the right thing.

And most of all, we need a government with the people's best interests at heart.

If you are reading this, I beseech you to do something. For the sake of this nation. For the sake of all of us here.


fergie said...

I agree with what you say but who can help us? We only have each other and we have to unite as one and speak with one voice. However, there seems to still be strong racial sentiments .. very sad after 50 yrs. There are many of the opinion that the Malaysian flag should not be hung upside down. I am at a loss as to how to get our country going again .. put an end to corruption and be governed by people with integrity who have the citizens' welfare at heart. Can anyone think of such a leader?

tzarina said...

I am with you in this.

The country needs help. HeLP!!!!!!

walla said...


zorro said...

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