Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Please. Not UiTM!!

I'm trying VERY hard to feel upset. Or hurt. Or dissed.

But no matter how hard I attempt to conjure up any emotion along those lines, I fail miserably. :)

Maybe if it had been one of the Ivy League colleges (you know - Yale, Harvard or Princeton) in the USA or Oxbridge in the UK pracising some neighbourhood-friendly racism, perhaps I may feel a little down.

But it's UiTM!!! UiTM, for the love of God!! So UiTM slams MB’s proposal to open its doors to non-bumiputra students. Do I look like I care??

I think UiTM doesn't get it. I don't think they understand how poorly the rest of us think of them. Among strangers within the engineering fraternity, there are times when we mention our alma mater while making small talk.

Usually, the UiTM graduate is spotted long before he identifies himself. No speak English. No think many. Dunno.

In fact, the creep of an MB, Khalid Ibrahim, was asking for UiTM to open 10% of its intake to the other races to raise the level of integration, competitiveness and the quality of graduates.

I find this offensive. The MB obviously doesn't care that with a mere 10% representation of non-Malays, it is more likely that the standard of the non-Malay will drop rather than the standard of Malays will rise.

Frankly, I would never consider sending any child of mine to that university, should it ever open its doors to non-Malays. I don't know which non-Malay would be so desperate to enter into that university, unless his results were so poor.

Even then, the standard of education in UiTM is so bad (judging from the majority of its graduates), that passing up on a higher education would be a better option entirely. Why go through 3 years of classes only to be unemployable later?

Save yourselves the cash. Save yourselves the grief.

To hell with UITM - MAVERIQUE
UiTM, It’s OK, We Are Not Hard-Up - Jed Yoong


TheWhisperer said...

Well said. Crankshaft.

As if we are so hard up to get in there and only realise that it is actually a brainwashing center.

How many of these UiTM graduates are actually employed by the private sector? In fact, most of them ended up as civil servants or placed in those GLCs. That alone should explains our oversized civil services department and yet, they can't even provide an efficient service.

To Hell With Them UiTM!!

NoktahHitam said...

Ouch! Well said ;)

I wanted to write about the poor education at UiTM, but it is kinda offensive to my friends and families.

Crankshaft said...

Well, if the truth be told, I have heard from reliable sources that they have some of the best lecturers teaching them.

Of course, a lot of those lecturers don't last very long because it must be very frustrating to teach a bunch of parochial and insular-minded idiots with low self-esteem.

And that is the root cause, really. Low self-esteem. They fear they can never compete with the Chinese and Indians.

And so, being in UiTM means they can wallow in their mediocre comfort zone without having to put in much effort.

Unfortunately, they don't realise that remaining in that comfort zone can only hurt them and restrict their development - both personal and intellectual.

Patricia said...

This thingy Khalid said/did is wrong on so many levels.

And yes, what an insult both to the Malays and others alike! He's actually stating as a FACT that UiTM is full of dodos. That's not right. And the protestors were too dodo to SEE that!!!

I taught English for a semester at UiTM in the mid nineties. Like everywhere else, there were good students, and little pieces of poop that I could do without in my classes!

However, I don't see no 'others' lining up to get a place in no UiTM class, man!

But this whole issue leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I think they need to employ a PR firm to clean up the rotten image UiTM has in this country. And that PR firm sure has its work cut out for it. And I don't envy them their task - an uphill-all-the-way job, no?


GobloKing said...

can't say I am an expert of our msian education system - since they disqualified me in my days due to the color of my skin & gave my place to "deserving" cases with far worst HSC results BUT

Aunty did some Aunty sample interviews on this matter from 4 Msians
(I only do face to face ok?)

I can report to you that the results from my exhaustive research shows that 100% of my subjects interviewed said (someting like dis)

"Aiyah Aunty. No more university left to go to issit?"

"like got find gold there so must fight to go meh?"

So Cranky - you are right. No need
to waste our time fighting for a chance to be better unemployed!

btw - you think judging from my scientific approach to surveys got chance to lecture there or not?

walla said...

i had one graduate intern from there long ago. Told her on the very first day that if at the end of this stint you don't come out of it confident and capable, the failure is not on you but on me. We went along pretty well, and she was diligent and good natured. I actually tried to engineer a high-level opening for her elsewhere using the task assigned as opener. Too bad events overtook that place itself, in fact its industry. Anyway, hope she's doing ok now.

I would like to think it's all about leadership. Have seen some students cry in the uni libraries because they're so under-prepared for the pressure. Something tells me something's not right somewhere and the people who are supposed to do the right things aren't.

You see this bunch protesting on the street. Who stoked them? And who looked the other way when something better could have been done.

Trained better, all youths can do well. Same too with the proton workers who used to deftly drive each one out from the line like some racing driver. But then when you go into the vendor plants, they're just mouse-pushing their cad/cam screens for lack of a formal development program fixed to a stricter do-or-die regime.

It must be real training, real leadership and real assignment. All the way back to entry. Otherwise, what's the point?

This govt pumps so much money into them and yet when you drive around, too many of those institutes seem a bit underused.

Meanwhile the others pack into small classrooms doing courses set up on puny budgets by concerned private sector second-class citizens. And yet the outputs from these are creamed off by other countries like Singapore where they are welcomed like godsend.

Which they are, to any country.

Somewhere something is not right. Am i so obtuse i can't see it? ;(

I look at our young. So many of them understaffing real value-adding jobs. Because there are so few real vaj, in fact, when you drill down an analysis of what are actually being done.

They deserve something better now for everything better in their future.

It's all about good leadership. That can spark a lot of focus and direct energy and funds to where it can do the most good. But the present groups don't care. It's not a catch-22; they're just over their heads in everything, from how to stay in power without the need to play race games, to what needs to undone to remove the legacy yolks, to what can be done to find the next karmic force.

The water goes up the beach then rolls down. Each time the sand gets ground finer beneath.

We need that surfboard to keep everyone afloat. Especially the young ones.

Crankshaft said...

Gobloking - confirmed, can definitely lecture there!

Hehehe Pat, you taught English there huh? You must have been a good lecturer then. :)

Walla, I'm sure there are the odd ones with talent and capability. But I'm sure it's of their own accord and not of the university's doing.

Michelle Leong SK said...

I absolutely do not agree with opening up 10% of places to non-bumiputeras. For me, it is not a matter of race, but quality of learners. After all, we have segregation in primary schools based on results, so that the best pupils can get into the A-grade classes and be taught together. The others just have to be divided into the remaining C-grade classes, so that their pace of learning does not slow down the brighter ones. I myself graduated with a CGPA of 4.0 and my boyfriend also has a 4.0 score.
We could not afford Ivy League universities, but at least we managed to work our way through a respectable university in the US. We would never consider learning alongside students of UiTM's calibre, or lack thereof. UiTM must remain segregated, or the safety of able learners may be compromised. Some may not agree with the separatist rationale, but as Bill Gates said, the world doesn't work on principles of fairness. If you want to succeed in real life, you have to work for it.

cherrytree said...

i dont see any chinese/indian parents crying in the newspapers and to the ministers becos their children cannot get into UiTM (like they do about UM, which btw is also sliding down slowly but surely). boo hoo, UiTM big deal.

Crankshaft said...

My point exactly, Michelle Leong.

Cherrytree, the amusing part is that UiTM is hopping around like a scalded monkey, threatening to sue and whatnot.

Jenntan83 said...

Oh my God... today, Fong Chan Ong said that the Government should create more places in UiTM before opening it to non-bumiputras.

They must be completely out of their minds.

Trust me, if any non-Bumi actually studies in UiTM, his social standing will hit rock bottom. His future reputation will be ruined. Can you imagine attending a high society party where people ask you where did you study? Imagine the silence and stares all around if he dares to mention UiTM. People will just politely take their leave and never want to be seen near you again. He will become a social pahriah even amongst his own professional peers. The stigma of such institutions is worse than leprosy. At least for leprosy, there is a cure.

Knights Templar said...

Hi, can i please borrow two para's of this post ? thanks a mill

Crankshaft said...

Sure, go ahead.

Jack Reylan said...

Ivy League universities are not good at getting students jobs, only grants to be commie nutty organizers. No business should trust such left wing graduates. They don't believe in capitalism and become crooks because thy think everyone else is a crook and they are out to "punish" others through their own crookedness. The universities consider real jobs and competition beneath them, so they want their little sissies to live off grants, even in the hard sciences or business. How many of their engineering professors have Professional Engineering certification? Almost none! They love foreign students because they slave up and don't expect professors to actually work, like American students do. No middle class parent should consider sending their kids there, because these schools will destroy your entire family.

Anonymous said...

i just found and read this. you can say what ever you want regarding UITM or all malay and bumis specialty. just because my great grandfather allowed all of you came and occupied malay land it does mean you can say we r too much. you just get jelous. just imaging all of you are still living in china or india do you think you will get better life living there? with china gov pratising "komunis concept?", "that china land belonging to the country?" its that good? its that fair? how if we (malay) take your land, take your home? do we malay do that? remember people. if Malaysian having a war in the future all of you can run back to your origin country but we malay and bumis just belonging here. stop complaining or justleave this country. we were happy

Crankster said...

Ah, sudah lah! Merepek je pandai! I am Malaysian, as much as anyone else. If you have any guts, use a proper identity; don't just remain anonymous.