Friday, 1 August 2008

What We Think And What We Do

I find this very startling indeed.

That's a very large percentage of people admitting that they know something was amiss during the elections.

I hope it was reference to the reluctance on the part of the government to use indelible ink to ensure voter integrity, and then its sudden withdrawal over mere hearsay.

Otherwise, it's possible that Malaysians have come to accept this as a norm in national politics - "it happens, so what?"

And while the general public appears apathetic over the allegations of sodomy associated with Anwar Ibrahim, a very large number thinks it's politically motivated.

Like Malik Imtiaz asserted in his post, Rule By Law, it is evident that Malaysians don't believe in the Rule of Law anymore.

Even if Anwar Ibrahim were to be found guilty of sodomy, the court of public opinion would have acquitted him. Even if the Deputy Prime Minister were shown to be wholly unconnected with the events underlying the Altantuya murder trial, that court would have already found otherwise. It would not matter if all the police officers, prosecutors and judges in the country were to say otherwise or if all the untruths, one way or the other, were undone. Malaysians, or at least a very large number of them, have lost faith in the system.

It didn't happen in one day.

It was a long journey, and through inaction, we found ourselves travelling that road.

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