Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Free To Speak, Free To Ignore

Pat chastised me for defiling a previous post with an ugly picture.

I apologise to her and all my other readers, should they, likewise, have been traumatised by the mugshot of the boorish oaf in question.

I should explain.

When I put up that picture, Ahmad Ismail was relatively unknown. Now that he is in the throes of infamy, I figured it could be substituted with one that is less assaulting to the senses.

Like this remarkable likeness of him, complete with the sheer arrogance and no apologies. :)

I know I'm defaming some poor gorilla out in Africa, who is living a life of relative equanimity.

Some poor gorilla which doesn't resort to abusing its fellow primates by calling them squatters - well presumably, since he himself squats in such a pristine fashion.

Now, there are some people out there calling for Ahmad Ismail (the real one, not our cam-whore of a gorilla) to be put away under the ISA.

I know he is a bit of a nuisance.

But firstly, nothing is grounds for detention under the ISA, which is draconian, inhumane and utterly against constitutional freedom. It would just be wrong.

Even punishing him would mean nothing. In fact, it would only make a martyr of him.

I wouldn't gain brownie points for stating this, but I believe he has the right to say whatever he wants. Well, as much as we have the right to ignore him.

His words won't amend the constitution. Let him rail his poor little heart out.

We can in turn, rail a little, posture for the benefit of Pak Lah (watching him sweat is turning into a sport), voice out some dissatisfaction and then leave it at that.

He's just not worth it.

Which of course, brings me to my second point - could you really take him and his recurring UMNO-panic-attack seriously??


walla said...

Let me introduce the third commenter in this to you:

He's lean, strong, manly. Smart or not, you decide. Hope not having money is no deterrence.

walla said...

Dammit, his comments have moved down. Neil's the name but he's not irish.

Patricia said...


That is a lovely silver back you've got there! And he has reason to posture and whatever, you know. He's 'the' guy in the harem, and no one messes with him.

And you've used him to represent that oaf? Again, I scold you!

Seriously, tho, you are right. We should just IGNORE him. He's getting political mileage out of this, where otherwise, he'd be an unknown.

So I say, 'yeah!' let's forget him already. Ah, Ahmad, who?

Crankster said...

Yes, I may know who this Neil fellow is, Walla. :)

Sigh. I give up, Pat. Can't win one way or the other! Anyway, I'm sure Ahmad Ismail has a harem of UMNO goons falling over themselves to rip photos for him. :)

Patricia said...