Thursday, 4 September 2008

Silence Over Aberrant Behaviour

This nation needs change. A huge fraction of our parliamentary representation needs an overhaul.

You and I know that.

But the whole purpose of change is to move forwards, not backwards.

Ladies and gentlemen, as a fellow citizen it is my duty to inform you, that we are in grave danger of moving backwards.

This is Zulkifli Nordin. He belongs to PKR.

Now a lot of us don't like thinking about him because he brings up nasty memories of a Pakatan Rakyat that we want to embrace and put into power.

Nevertheless, he is there and will be around for a long time, unless of course, we remove him. And this removal, while it sounds drastic and heartless is absolutely vital in this quest for change.

We live in tough times. And the more I have been thinking, the more I am convinced that our socio-political and economic conditions are very much identical to Germany prior to World War II.

Only a decade or two ago, our economy was booming. Everyone and his cat wanted to invest in our nation. We had relatively cheap labour and low cost of living.

Today, India and China (and to a smaller extent, Vietnam, Cambodia and other Indo-Chinese nations) have taken that role. They have taken our contracts, though we (though I'm more inclined to name our ineffectual leaders) are still to be blamed.

Zulkifli Noordin reminds me of Ernst Röhm.

Ah, but you knew you were going to get your Nazi trivia of the day, didn't you? There was a time when I read everything about World War II - especially Nazi history - so forgive my frequent references to it.

Ernst Röhm co-founded the Sturmabteilung which can be loosely translated as storm troopers, the paramilitary organisation which functioned under the Nazi Party.

The Sturmabteilung, under Röhm's leadership, carried out numerous acts of violence against socialist groups throughout the 1920s, typically in minor street-fights.

This is eerily similar to Zulkifli Noordin who is able to round up a violent and reckless bunch of youth (ironically, including UMNO Youth) to storm a peaceful, open forum organised by the Bar Council.

"There was no question of us stopping the forum. They have already discussed with the police to stop it… it’s not because of us. We were just there to put forward our views… you mean the Muslim cannot stand up and protect their rights?

"We Muslims have been tolerant enough all this while… so many years we have been forced to live under law that is not Islam. It is time for the Muslims to speak up and I would take the lead for the Muslims to speak up.

"If you don’t hear from us at 10am, you should all storm the building!"

I believe in freedom of expression and the right to demonstrate peacefully. But there is no remote semblance of peace when people storm in, start shouting and demand that the event end immediately.

Back to Ernst Röhm. Few had affection for the man. In fact, senior members of the Nazi Party themselves often complained to Hitler about the power Röhm wielded, and frequently plotted to have him removed.

Heck, even the conservative industrialists who had supported Hitler's rise to the chancellorship in 1933 were uneasy with the very leanings of Röhm.

But Röhm had a close relationship with Hitler and for that, Röhm stayed in power. In the end, Hitler and Röhm fell out, but by then the damage was done to Germany.

You will agree with me that we need to nip it in the bud when it comes to this disgraceful Zulkifli Noordin - before the damage gets done.

But should you need further reason to share my views, Haris Ibrahim has videos which you may want to check out.

Better still, the man has a plan. Write to Anwar Ibrahim and ask him if he supports Zulkifli Noordin's stance. We have a right to know his stand, especially if we are going to put him in power.

For I am very uneasy as long as there is silence on this matter.

If anyone can draft out a letter template to Anwar Ibrahim, that would be a great initiative I certainly appreciate - in advance!


Knights Templar said...

Ted Kaczynski In the
Unabomber's "Manifesto" wrote you can't eat your cake and have it too... looks like someone's having the same symptoms.

Michelle said...


Been coming to your blog quite often these days, just I don't leave comments. =)

Anyway, I did write a letter to Anwar, which I sent through email, and i posted the exact copy of it on my own blog HERE.

You're welcome to use it if you want to.


ps: what you've written so far is great. =)

Stormbringer said...

i agree. this guy must be removed from PKR. he is an extremist and will pose a lot of danger and threats to our unity. he must not stay in PKR. this sort of behaviour doesn't belong here in PKR but in UMNO.

walla said...

He said:

"We were just there to put forward our views… you mean the Muslim cannot stand up and protect their rights?"

Since when does any religion say one can put forward views by gatecrashing and barging into a forum and heckling the participants without first knowing what the objectives and discussions are in the first place?

If this is the way to protect rights, can others do the same too? There are plenty out there who have been really denied rights.

Just exactly what have non-muslims DONE to muslims? Nothing. So what's the beef?

Today's Rohm will easily become tomorrow's Heydrich and it will be so easy to upgrade to an Eichmann after.

All this shenanigan is fear-borne desperation riding on the tailcoats of opportunistic ultra's. They think they're defending the faith but where's the threat? They think if they give an inch today, a yard will be taken tomorrow. In the first place, do they have the right to give anything where it concerns the faiths of others whose situation has been encroached by the practices of some within their ranks who interprete things to their own glory?

A religious man who bullies, tyrannizes and threatens others is not a religious man. He is nothing but apartheid.

The tea leaves say within the next two months, more of such lunacies will happen. Their minds have closed because oil is too costly to be used as lubricant for the valve.

That's being polite. Sometimes one thinks they weren't opened in the first place.

shar101 said...

Well, quite simply, we now have an opportunity to gauge the potential elements of better governance from both BN and PR.

It's BN's Bukit Bendera bloke versus PR's Kulim guy. Both are 'guilty' as far as I'm concerned for their respective infractions.

If political expediency makes BN sweep the matter under the carpet, it is to be expected UNLESS they finally woke up to the reality that reform must come from within and quickly at that. For the same reason, PR cannot afford to be complacent at this juncture with their recent successes.

HOWEVER, with AI calling all the shots, will he also succumb to turning a blind eye as well, considering that he needs MORE malay MPs in PKR to retain a semblance of legitimacy if and when PR becomes the Federal government?

With the ever-present SOPO blogs, both sides cannot remain silent because... well, we bloggers are such fussy pots, aren't we. If AI can tempt the devil, bloggers can make dead elephants do the conga.

And it sure ain't a pretty sight when dead-meats start to peel off.

Dang! Why can't they all just concentrate on making a two-party system work for the rakyat's benefit.

Crankster said...

Knights templar, what symptoms?

Michelle - thanks for the letter, I'm sending off mine now.

Stormbringer, that's my worry over defections - we're merely changing the name of UMNO into PKR. Different face, same heart.

Crankster said...

Walla, you're right, he's just a bigot who is using religion as his vehicle.

Good to note the predictions from your tea leaves. Do the fortune cookies say anything? :)

Shar101, personally I think the PR isn't a bad thing at all. It's just that we need to refrain from making the same mistakes we did with BN.

walla said...

the fortune cookies say one roticanai is coming up but then takes longest.