Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Who Is Behind Pakatan Rakyat?

You know how obsessed I am with WWII history, especially the Third Reich?

Well, this is part of a movie that has been subtitled to fit just about every other political situation there is - and it's been tailor-made for the Malaysian scene!

If you speak or understand German, it may not be wise for you to have the speakers on because you will understand what they're really saying. :)

For the record, I don't believe Wolfowitz is behind the Malaysian politicial Opposition.

And the sodomy charge Round II? You gotta be kidding me.

But I like humour.


Patricia said...

This is cool, isn't it? I saw it a while back on Magick River. This guy is super cool. yes, adult humour par excellence. He should be making movies, don't you think? Instead of the drivel that pass for films in our local cinema?

[Omg, I am sure I am gonna get whacked here for sure!]

And I like the way he leaves it to us to decide 'who' Hitler really is in our scenario. Briliant touch!

Did you guess that I kinda liked this? lol ;)


shar101 said...

Hahaha! This really made my day, C.

What's that adage again?

Art imitates life or was it the other way round.

Unfortunately, Malaysian politics is definitely for real. If it wasn't for the 'painful' repercussions, the comedy of errors by the buffoons on both sides would have made another great movie.

Imagine Denzel Washington as a suave AI and Robin Williams as AAB. Naaaahh! Bad idea.

Knights Templar said...

HAHAHAHA, Thanks lah girl , i really needed the morning laugh . Cool . Happy Holidays.

Crankster said...

You'd get whacked only if you say it on a populist blog, Pat. Or on Yasmin Ahmad's blog. :) Yes, I think you liked it as much as I did!

Shar, probably Life Imitating Art. :) Denzel and Robin are too good to be wasted on Malaysian politicians, methinks!

Happy holidays to you too, Knights!