Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Cross-Dressing Cash Cow

In a twist of words and awards, Shah Rukh Khan is being seen as a cash cow who will boost tourism in Malaysia and "act as a 'bridge' for more movies to be shot at the historical city."

Apparently, our on-screen pretty boy "could also help us get other actors and directors to come to the state for this purpose".

Someone is smoking something very potent and is high in the vapours of delusion.

Someone is also very inconsistent in his policies - religious or otherwise.

Because only recently, the religious authorities have firmly denounced girls who dress like boys and boys who dress like girls.

But maybe someone hasn't done his homework.

Check THIS out.

It's not safe for work though. Be warned. :)


Patricia said...

Ah man, those were nice strong legs (envy). And those dreamy eyes and pouty lips - the wonders of estee lauder, eh?

I enjoyed that, thanks!


Antares said...

Hee hee, perfect movie clip to project on a giant screen just before the datukship is conferred on Shah Rukh Khan. But why didn't you embed the video on your blog instead of linking it? Just curious.

Crankster said...

Pat, yes, I didn't see a hint of celulite in those legs. :)

Antares, hahaha!! You're an evil man. :) It's actually a tribute to Shah Rukh Khan, though, because all things considered, he IS a good actor. But our good politicians would flip over.

I didn't embed the video because:
1) I'm a nice, shy, demure, innocent Indian woman.
2) My mama might wander into my blog and if she sees that video, she will smack me.