Sunday, 5 October 2008

Handling Freedom Of Speech

I've obviously had my head buried in other pressing issues because I completely missed this whole fiasco about the now infamous Sammy Chan, bloggerus racimus of Malaysia.

I won't comment much about her. I think her words speak volumes about her own intelligence and exposure to the world at large.

Her opinion that all Indians are thieves, is like me thinking all Chinese are illegal VCD peddlars and ah longs.

I suppose in the same vein, we could start thinking that all Chinese exorcise their 5-year-olds to death or that they make a practice of the kidnap and murder of 16-year-olds before demanding a HUGE ransom.

But I'm not that stupid. I know the both the Indians and Chinese have their token idiots who do dumb stuff.

And I'm quite aware, that the moment I point one finger at someone, I have three pointing back at me.

So, I'm not going to do what everyone else is doing and slam Sammy Chan.

Besides, there is a part of me that feels sorry for the loss of her handphone. I have heaps of information in mine, so I can understand how that would be a huge blow.

I also fully defend Sammy's right to free speech as much as my right to respond to her.

That's not what I'm blogging about, however. My beef is with HINDRAF.

So listen up, you asinine fools of the highest order!

We ALL stood behind you, even though you came up with the most bizarre, lame-ass petition to of all people, the Queen of England!

Now I admire your guts to stand up to authority and demonstrate your disatisfaction. I admire that you are working to establish some semblance of equality for the Indian community. That is worthy of my respect.

But running to the police like snivelling, constipated mosquitoes makes you look not just stupid, but confused as well. The police and their masters, the UMNO government, are not our allies.

They are the enemy.

When will you get that into your numb skulls, you imbeciles?

If you have a problem with your fellow Malaysian, you talk it over calmly.

Best, just ignore the insult! Personally, I felt Sammy did herself an injustice and disservice by making those sweeping statements and consequently, that grudging apology.

But you had to honour her statements, by taking it to heart.

Next time you feel compelled to make police reports, demand the use of the ISA, or anything like that, find the nearest public toilet, insert your head into the bowl and flush.

It'll cool you down (and save me from getting heated up).


keling kia said...

sorry to say this on your blog ... BUT the bitch needs an indian .. you know what to set her straight . my apologies again

Crankster said...

I'm an Indian. Keling. Whatever.

zewt said...

we should not tolerate all these shite.

but then again, we say we are not racist... but deep down... are we really not? perhaps not racist, but there's still a little streotype element in us.

Crankster said...

Well, we are inherently racist. But I believe we should try not to develop those negative attitudes, for instance, by gossiping.