Friday, 31 October 2008

Razak Baginda Acquitted

We just got our Halloween present from our esteemed government.

Not that it was unexpected - not by a long shot. Masterwordsmith says, "[it] comes as no surprise to me."

Did anyone actually NOT expect Abdul Razak Baginda to be acquitted?

Sometime back, I posted something on Razak Baginda's outburst in court which was never reported in our newspapers for political reasons.

I think Razak Baginda was the fall guy for someone higher up.

But considering this "higher-up" is in such a prominent position of power, all it takes is some pressure on prosecution to drop the case and not investigate too thoroughly.

This situation is repulsive.

There have been some dodgy SMSes flying around. A lot of questions unanswered. Private investigators going missing 'til today.

You know what's going to happen?

This case is going to get dragged on until everyone loses interest.

Malaysia boleh.


donplaypuks® said...

With Baginda's acquittal, thats mean 2 guys are being tried for killing someone with no motive?

Huh? Another entry in the Genius Book of Records. Majulah Bolehland!!

Of course, Azilah and Sirul woke up 1 morning from a joint (1960's lingo)dream and said 'Let's go C4 this Mongolian Altantuya woman whom we don know and who doesn't know us. That'll be our good deed for today. We'll dip dip dip, and dop, dop,dop. Akela, we'll do our best!!' And they all lived happily ever after.

-naga- said...

Hmm nothing surprising there la..

What's gonna happen next is that the two cops will be freed as well, then they will say no body was found, and no such person entered Malaysia by the name of Altantuya, and they will even go as far as saying a person by the name of Altantuya has even existed..

A leaf from the movie Inside Man: No suspects, no witnesses, and finally no crime. But everyone knows "something" happened.

Patricia said...

We all predicted this, and yet our collective jaws dropped when it happened. Why? Because I think we lived with the hope that some semblance of decency and integrity and sanity would prevail. It didn't.

I followed RPK's take on this, post after post, and see it come to pass - all that he said. No wonder he is where he is.

What is there left to say on this? We are so deep in the crap, there's no digging us out.


Antares said...

No, Pat... it ain't US that's "deep in the crap"! Guess who are the ones wallowing in their own excrement? The more they deny the higher the crap level goes. I'd venture the ones who don't own platform shoes now have to keep their lips sealed lest the shit flow right into their mouths.

Heroes like RPK walk tall and can say whatever they like, even from behind bars!

plan bee said...

baginda, well for now he escapes to go home to mrs baginda! Now thats hell or jail in itself. Ah.. the power that woman now has in that relationship.

Anonymous said...

We are sick to the bone swallowing this judicial bail-out of this rich political leech (ARB) from his gruesome crime.He earned whooping millions from the submarine deals on the back of the Mongolian girl. He turned her down like criminal after confessing globe-trotting love.She didn’t ask much, but she underestimated the greed over money of her Malaysian lover and the depth of the fiddling in the wheeling and dealing of armaments and defense infrastructures in Malaysia. She was in the know. She has to be C4ed to shut her up. We Malaysians know who ordered that. And, we Malaysians have to live with this crime of our political masters and their leeches for life.

Crankster said...

Exactly, donplaypuks. Murder without motive doesn't make sense. Then again, nothing in this bloody country does.

Naga. Possibly. As of now, there are no immigration records of Altantuya.

Antares, I'm with Pat on this - we are at some point responsible for our pathetic politicians because we allowed them to get up there through our indifference and apathy. That makes us deep in unpleasant stuff all right.

Suddenly, everything that RPK says seems to be the gospel truth, though I'm fairly certain he stretches the truth at some point.

Crankster said...

Plan bee, that's an interesting thought - and one I share with you! That man will spend the rest of his life trembling at her feet for his indiscretion.

Of course, that will also depend on whether he was guilty of it in the first place or whether he was merely the fall guy for you-know-who.

Anon, she sure underestimated the Malaysian capacity for evil.