Saturday, 4 October 2008

Why Say No To ISA

This is where I was on Friday night:

It actually took me awhile to get a write-up on this thing though, because my thoughts are still jumbled.

I guess it's no secret that my biggest political passion is not the fuel subsidy, Pakatan Rakyat, or HINDRAF (though I believe they all are worthy causes) but abolishment of the Internal Security Act known to Malaysians simply as ISA.

Not that I've never had any reservations over calling for this act to be repealed.

There was a reason for its conception - and that was during the days of communism, where guerilla warfare required quick action.

That included arresting suspects without full evidence, because at the end of the day, it IS preventive detention.

We still have terrorists in this day and age. Both Jemaah Islamiyah and Al Ma'unah were known to thrive in Malaysia at one point, though to date, they are lying low.

The latter, in fact, were responsible for trying to destroy a Hindu temple at Batu Caves, the Anchor and Carlsberg breweries in Shah Alam, and an electric tower.

Not only that, they were responsible for the deaths of Corporal R. Sanghadevan of the Special Branch and an Army commando, Trooper Mathew anak Medan. Both men were painfully tortured before they were killed.

These Al Ma'unah guys are nasty. Are they a threat to national security?

You betcha ass.

So are they under the ISA at this point?

That's the million-dollar question, really. From various news sources, 4 were sentenced to death, 15 released because "they had repented" and no solid news about the rest. There were originally supposed to be 27 altogether.

Which brings me to another question. Why should they be held under the ISA instead of being charged in court with evidence and witnesses?

I think you know the answer as well as I do.

The current UMNO government cannot afford a thorough investigation, because it will show up their links with these terrorists. This is something they must hide.

And what better avenue than the ISA to hide nasty bits of humans and information?

This has to end.

We simply cannot allow people, even if they ARE the government to continue abusing the laws of this nation to suit their personal interests.

And for that reason, the ISA has to be repealed and abolished.


shar101 said...

According to MSM reports, the primary reason RPK was detained at KDC is because SHA was satisfied with the RMP investigations indicating RPK had insulted Islam therefore national security was at stake.

Questions - Since when did RMP personnel become experts on Islam? And isn't islamic matters under the purview of the relevant sultans or the Agong? If so, did SHA overstep the parameters of the ISA in its application towards RPK?

Ultimately, its getting pretty evident that someone pulled SHA's leash. That's why he appeared 'bug-eyed' on national TV. I could have sworn he turned a whiter shade of pale brown at one point.

Crankster said...

SHA is no PR man, and if we give him enough rope, he'll hang himself.

Malaysian Tigress said...

My dear,

Read up on false flag operations...and the mother of all false flag operations, 9/11...

JI is the false flag operation in this region.

I know some of those purportedly in JI. My Ustaz Iqbal...he was no terrorist. Do I sound like one to you? I studied with him, and Bashyir came once to give us a is all BULLSHIT, a new boogeyman after the demise of the old bogeyman, the cold war.

New York, Spain, UK, Bali...all bloody false flag operations.

read Matthias Chang and the link between 9/11 and saving the US economy and the larger plan of the Zionists and wardogs in the US...many other sites also reveal the other side of the story...the larger plan of the master puppeteers...

Just as we do not believe half the crap in our MSM...please, do not take at face value what the CNN and western MSM preaches to us, girl...

read, futurefastforward and all about false flag/covert operations...esp 9/11