Sunday, 23 November 2008

Australian Idol At Opera House

I've never been a big fan of singing - either good, bad or horrendous.

Even less a fan of reality shows.

Much less, any of the Idol shows.

But when I was at the Opera House on Saturday, I caught them rehearsing for the grand finale which was scheduled for Sunday at 7.30pm.

Sunday happened to be one of the coldest days since the winter. I don't know how the spectators survived it but they did. Wes Carr won it, in case you're wondering who did.

It was actually quite intriguing watching all that happen live.


Patricia said...

Aw Cranks,

I am a big fan of Idol - mainly because I love music, even if it is too often mauled to death on the show :(

I don't follow Australian Idol, but do you remember how we claimed their Idol who just happened to be an ex-Malaysian? So malu-fying lah we! They conveniently refused to remember that his family, with him in tow, probably left cos they were sick to death of us and our ways and 'policies'!!!


Crankster said...

You'd have loved to watch them perform live then! I was sort of impressed even.

Yes, it was Guy Sebastian, Klang-born but Oz-raised. Most Aussie immigrants from Asia - especially the recent ones - have this desperate, thank-God-I'm-out look on their faces.

One day I'll blog about it.