Friday, 21 November 2008

Australian Inventions

Before I set foot in Australia, I was under the impression that the general population consisted of the descendants of a bunch of convicts, whose creativity was limited to stealing a loaf of bread.

Or along those lines.

Considering they got caught doing it and were thus banished to the bizarre island called Australia (and you have no idea how bizarre), they couldn't have been all that innovative or creative, I reckoned.

I was wrong. Very wrong.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Hill's Hoist.

Now it looks like a simple, unassuming invention, but that's exactly what's brilliant about it!

Apart from having rotary arms (which means it moves with the wind and thus, clothes dry faster) it also has a pinion winding mechanism (which means it can be raised and lowered).

If your dog is fond of chewing up your freshly washed clothes, the Hill's Hoist will have it looking mournfully at the washing from a distance.

And the Australians are not limited to merely erecting clothes lines. Among their other inventions is the Esky, the portable insulated cooler which keeps drinks cool at the picnic.

If you're Malaysian, you'd know what a valuable invention that is - especially when your throat is parched after a marathon search for the perfect (but elusive - especially on a public holiday) picnic spot with no ants, flies or bird poo.

I'm sure there's a longer list than this, but here are some of Australia's greatest inventions.


GobloKing said...

YES! I am a clean(ing) fanatic & I loved that hoist too.

Unfortunately even in Msia I am using a dryer - no need to iron too much or run home when it rains, no need to get (yukks) yeast infection (didja know that?) . OK..OK...use electricity, enviro unfriendly? but save $ & time in the end lah!!

Drink a brewski for me while u are there Sistah!

-naga- said...

Crankster!! Which part of Australia are you at?? I didn't have a clue you're in Australia!!


Patricia said...

Hey Cranks!

I'm bad like GobloKing lah - use a dryer, too. Couldn't bare to see flies land on my bajus, and wondered what was in the air anyway....

But these guys are cool, aren't they? With their inventions. I'm liking the keeping-the-drinks-cool one - I'm thinking of all the stuff I could stuff in there ;)


zorro said...

Hi Ganster....oppppsss Crankster....drank too much piss and malt last night at the Wharf after dinner at Curves's Little Penang where you get genuine Penang fare from starters like gui-hoo-char, pai-tee and otak-otak to main serves like Siamese laksa et al.

Dahling, did you forget to put up BLOGGERS AGAINST ISA logo on your sidebar?

Miss ya, even when you are angry.

Crankster said...

Gobloking, no, I didn't know about yeast infection. Guess I'm not susceptible to that. One brewski on your behalf. :)

Naga, I'm in Sydney currently. I noted you're in Canberra. :)

Pat, I really didn't know so many people use a dryer in Malaysia. You wouldn't know it, based on how many flags (if you know what I mean) fly from apartment balconies.

Zorro, it's up now my man. There wouldn't be any ambiguity on my position. After all, my profile pic says I'm anti-ISA!! Miss you too, Zorro.