Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Beach Bum

I met her at Shelly Beach, in Manly.

She'd just laid her eggs and was burying them in the sand. Of course, I didn't want to get too near just in case she took offense at the intrusion of her privacy.

With legs like that, I reckon she could run pretty fast.


jugular said...

This looks like a Physignathus Lesueurii or Eastern Water Dragon.

Patricia said...

Hey Cranks,

This guy reminds me of my iguana Carlos Santana! He was with us for a bit, and I miss him now.

And 'no holds barred' in Australia, too, eh? Cool!


Crankster said...

Jugular, I read the whole entry on Wiki, and I think it's an Eastern Water Dragon too. She's laying eggs a little late. (Not unlike a certain mutual friend of ours who has yet to drop the piglet). Ahem.

Pat, you called your iguana Carlos Santana?? :) I love it!! Does your Carlos Santana make music too? And where did he eventually go off? Tour?

Zaharan Razak said...

Ok, this comment is not about Carlos or Igauna but maybe we can stretch it to link it: If philiticians and iguapers suffer the same fate I wonder what unseen hand soil them ... haha!

Zaharan Razak said...

Oops, "hand" should have been "bot"!

zorro said...

Manley beach was nudist beach the last time I was there. It prompted my 5 year old son Kevin then to remark: Pa bodiless people. That was upmarket area too Manley. Still is prime property I guess.

Pat's Carlos went on concert tour mah.

dang, have Zaharan Razak (one of my favorite bloggers) visiting you and I await him to grace mine despite he being on my blogroll. I enjoy that guy's writing.

jugular said...

I don't think Manly has ever been nudist. Topless maybe. You have to go to more out of the way places for that. Anything on the water is pricey.

Love Carlos Sanatana as a name for an iguana.

Crankster said...

Hi Zaharan, I fear philiticians and iguapers are not high on my list of favourites, for there is more talk than action.

For all the holy stance they put on, their actions are so damning as evidenced by the disasters that happen, e.g Highland Towers, Bukit Antarabangsa, floods in Johor, various bus accidents.

These are evidence of corruption and immorality within the ranks of people who claim to have some semblance of philosophy and religion in them.

Crankster said...

Hehe, I have just added Zaharan Razak to my list, Zorro. He has some good stuff.