Monday, 10 November 2008

FRU In Action

Check out what the IGP has to say about why the crime rate in this country is rising:

The IGP said it saddened him when politicians, who represent the welfare and voice of the people, were sometimes the same people who incited hatred and discord among people.

“Some of these politicians cry about human rights but when they encourage people to break the law, they say it is within their rights to do so.

“They hold illegal gatherings and demonstrations which force us to deploy our personnel to maintain peace and order,” he added.

In 1998, during the height of the reformasi demonstrations, the crime index peaked at 772 per 100,000 population, but that year, the population was only 20 million (total cases were 158,808.)

The high crime rate recorded in 2007 can be attributed to the number of demonstrations organised by political parties and NGOs, including the Hindu Rights Action Force and election watchdog Bersih.

These cowards can't do their bloody jobs, for the love of God!! If I read any further, I might blow a blood vessel.

They arrest such peaceful protestors whose only "crime" was to sing the national anthem. Check out this video for evidence.

But of course, there's a denial to go with it:

Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar has denied that the police moved in on participants at a candle-light vigil last night while they were singing the national anthem.

“That is what they (participants) are claiming,” Khalid told reporters at the Petaling Jaya police district headquarters about midnight.

When told that there was a video recording of the police action, Khalid replied: “I am denying it.”

They deny in the face of evidence.

Reminds me of Shaggy's It Wasn't Me!.


Anonymous said...

high crime rate linked to hindraf and bersih? may be, he was in IJN for too long. damn it, crimes are not committed by them. its committed by thiefs, robbers and corrupt police and politicians.
Is the chief police of selangor lying? prepare to swear that he is not? Lyig thieves aplenty in this country!

Agent Provocateur said...

so,you're an RPK lover and an Anwar sympathyzer ! will say hello to you when our paths cross.

Patricia said...

Hey Cranky,

I dunno lah, but I think unjustice is injustice. And it doesn't matter who you support. The more I read, the more nothing makes any sense to me.


donplaypuks® said...

No he was not lying! How could we accuse the Chief Palm Oil of such slimy conduct.!!

Economical with the Truth? Maybe.

Indulging in Terminological Inexactitudiness? Perhaps

But plain unvarnished lying. God forbid, No. Itu Haram lah!!

But if I should ever see him walking alone along Batu Road some day without his Goons in tow, I will re-arrange his face!!!

-naga- said...

That was quite an interesting statistic: Crime increases whenever rallies are held.

Pray and tell me someone, how the two are linked? Looks like my university education of 6 years is worth nothing.

Coming to think of it, does the increase in "reported crime cases" include those reports lodged against the police themselves? That would make more sense, since there were a large number of cases reported faulting the police.

Hmm twist and turn the facts, then divide and rule: the BN's highway.

walla said...

It was a peaceful gathering unfurled as a candlelight vigil with balloons afloat and singing of the national anthem. The theme itself cannot be faulted - freedom of expression under democratic principles. The objective itself is laudable - a better government by cleaner elections.

Yet it was not approved. The question is why. Was it not approved so that the permit would not be granted so that if the people gathered, force could be used to disperse them?

If this is so, it is tantamount to restriction of the freedom of expression which is even more illegal than any protection of public interest portrayed as the reason for not approving the peaceful assembly. After all, how does one protect the public by using force on them?

The terms 'law and order' and 'public and national interest' have been too loosely used. If the public have conducted themselves peacefully, then there is no breakage of law nor causing of disorder. If the public were only bespeaking the need for cleaner elections, then the government should be paying heed, not sending in the batons and shields to disperse them from doing so which would cause anyone to conclude the government is for unclean election.

Crimes have not only increased in frequency, they have also increased in brutality. There are three things which should be done. If the increase in trained law officers is not enough, do as much as possible to alleviate the situation by increasing the officer:public ratio, budget permitting. But equally important, make sure the deployment is intelligent and wise. What is the point of posting traffic police to hide and ambush urban motorists who forget to wear their seat-belts when they cannot speed in day traffic in the road-jammed city? What is the point of the same going round to write parking summons when they should be patrolling more against marauding bag snatchers? These questions themselves point to another need - for regulations to reflect the present situation, for instance, of insufficient car parks. In other words, given lack of manpower and other resources, the police must weigh their priorities and deploy them in accordance to the severity of the crime. If murders and robberies are increasing, focus the manpower on how to protect the public from them, even to the extent of using traffic police. If to do that needs reorganization and retraining in the way resources are to be deployed, then do that. Meanwhile keep the legislation and regulation updated to reflect changing situations, not use something from thirty years ago for the situation today.

They need to do all this now. It's not a 'routine action by the police'. Seen generally, it is concluded as a clampdown against constitutional rights to assemble and express freely about matters concerning the public that will prompt for changes in the way government administration is done. If that is disallowed, then the public will conclude there is a political motivation in the way 'law and order' and 'public and national interest' are being defined. And that is no better than any smalltime theft because that's theft of the right to change.

Patricia said...


May I say that my wait for Walla's comment was not in vain? Errr... I've said it....

And Walla? You may take a bow now. Thank you for that one.


Antares said...

The combination of Book Religion, Patriarchy & Feudal Mindset
Can't be beaten -
But those that oppose it,
Will get beaten and detained
By the browbeaten & debrained.

[Notice I say "beaten" three times ;-)]

walla said...

thank you, Patricia. I admire your writing as much soul immensely ;)

citizen x said...

tell me o learned one,bersih rally is for clean and fair elections no ?pakatan raakyat won 5 states in the last election no?now pray enlighten me ! what the hell are these bersih people asking for ?i agree the police were heavy handed in handling the crowd,but i just wanna know what else bersih wants ? thank you

walla said...

cleaner elections in two other states, at least? ;P

GobloKing said...

At the Nuremberg trial, Hitler's key men all denied knowledge of the Holocaust or that millions were systematically exterminated.

When there are men in greater denial than this, what more our "Super" Cops?

What absolutely boiled my blood

1. According to Melvin's 1st hand account, they were targetting Indians at the gathering

2. According to my friend's 1st hand account, they used a stunt gun on an old man (she is in her 50's the man must be old)

So our "finest" must ARM themselves - despite confronting a group of civilians who were caught offguard; whose "weapons" are candles, bottle of water & an umbrella/handbag issit?


What a f**king diff from the matamata who tried to "catch" burglars when my house was broken into

The mata2 who arrived were unarmed (unarmed coming to a scene of burglary???) so they HAD to WAIT for the burglars to leave before they entered my house...and guess what?

My neighbours waited for 20 mins for the police who entered my house - wondering are they doing in there so long ah?

Burglars took 20 mins, police 20 mins!

U guessed it...2 luggage burglars left in their haste to get away??

GONE!! We found empty luggages on going to police station to claim our stuff taken as "evidence"

So do we wonder why crime rates going up?

I have 2 pcs of advice for you
Expect police to be well armed when confronting civilians

Expect police to be unarmed when confronting it seems to be cheaper to have burglars in the house than to have police investigating!

Crankster said...

You guys are hysterical. I'm in Australia at the moment, so can't reply to everything but I'm checking mail and blog every now and then.

Patricia said...


Have a great time there!

And as you can see, we're managing very nicely without you here! Hahahah



Crankster said...

I see we've managed to incorporate palm oil and violence (beaten 3x) into the conversation quite nicely.