Monday, 24 November 2008

Irene Fernandez Acquitted

I've been reading a lot of depressing news about Malaysia.

How yoga is banned, and how homosexuals are a shame. About those 7 individuals arrested at an anti-ISA rally. And some.

But I was happy to get some really good news today. Irene Fernandez was acquitted of the politically motivated charge of “maliciously publishing false news”.

Now if you have two brain cells to rub together, you'd know that the Malaysian government does treat its migrants in an inhumane and sadistic manner. Tenaganita is not the only one documenting such treatment.

Human Rights Watch does too.

Of course, her acquittal does NOT mean the Malaysian government has decided to come to its senses. Far from it.

Prosecutor Shamsul Sulaiman said the prosecution decided not to oppose the appeal because typed records from earlier court proceedings contained "systemic errors."

The errors occurred when a court official typed up the judge's handwritten notes, Shamsul said. He told the AP he would have been "quite confident of fighting the appeal" had the records been in order.

I wonder if they know exactly how stupid they sound when they say that.

But there's an idiot born everyday, and I suppose there's one who would believe it hook, line and sinker. And of course, one who would spout it.


Jarod said...

Is about time for more cases to be solve. Not to drag until 13 years long. Of course, let it be on the right side.

Antares said...

Everyone is pleased that Irene has been freed of the legalistic millstone she has carried around her neck for 13 years and displeased that fatuous fatwas continue to be issued from the black holes of anti-consciousness that pass for Islamic institutions in Malaysia.

Are you blogging from the Land of Oz, Cranky?

Ashleigh said...

Apparently the universe isn't the only thing that is infinite, stupidity too.

Crankster said...

Jarod, you're right. They tried to drag the case for as long as they could so she couldn't travel and stuff.

Antares, I just got back from Australia today. Was there for about 3 weeks.

Though I've been kay-po enough to keep in touch with Malaysian events. You seen this yet?

Ashleigh, hell yeah. :)