Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Kiama Blowhole

It looks like an ordinary hole in the rocks by the sea.

But it's no ordinary hole. It's a blowhole, and possibly the world's largest one. It can be found in an otherwise sleepy little village of Kiama in New South Wales.

It channels water from the treacherous and fearsome sea, spraying it up to 25 metres into the air.

It all happens when waves enter the mouth of the cave and the pressure within the cave chamber funnels it all up. Way up into the sky.

No small feat indeed.

Getting too close can be dangerous. Especially during stormy weather conditions.

It was awesome.

Malaysians may be forgiven for thinking there are no blowholes in their land.

Geographically, it may be true.

Politically, blowholes remind me of Barisan Nasional in particular, whose politicians - under pressure - make sky-high promises that never materialise into anything.

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