Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Light A Candle In Penang

Venue: Esplanade, Penang
Time: 8pm
Date: 15th November, 2008


Anonymous said...

got permit or not?...

Antares said...

Hope you're just being facetious, Jed! Please don't scare us with your impersonation of an Umno goon (we'll think you've been bodysnatched :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Crankster

Thanks for the show of support. WIsh yo could be here though!

Take care and see you again one day!


Crankster said...

Jed & Antares, I think there is, because MWS was asking me about all the procedures to get this organised.

Masterwordsmith, you're welcome. I would love to be there, but Sydney to Penang is quite a journey. ;-) Will be back in KL end of this month.

zorro said...

Free Lunch, when is a permit ever given? How's the weather-wane working from where u are?