Thursday, 27 November 2008

No Holds Barred...

... not even in Australia.

Abolish the Internal Security Act.


GobloKing said...

Hahro sistah!
You so brave ah? Only Ozland hah? Aunty gonna wear hers to Midvalley & 1Utama lah..will they arrest me for wearing my No ISA tee?? My battered 1/2 tells me not towalk near him when I do. He dun know me.

btw did my brewski taste good ?
did the lizard eggs taste good?
solly hah. U know lah. Olang china semua pun hantam orh!

Crankster said...

Hahaha, I'm a coward. :)

Tak sempat taste your brewski la. I was starting to put on weight, so I cut back on the beer. Ahem.

As for lizard eggs, no thanks, I'm a curry-muncher, not Chinese la. I know you guys whack on anything that moves!

In fact, it's a joke over here in Australia. In the Chinese suburb of Eastwood, it is purported that there are no more cats and dogs because they've become meals.

Apparently now they've moved on to possum! :)

jugular said...

Not to mention there are no kangaroos in East Woo :)))

I'll refrain from talking about brewski la.

GobloKing said...

Hear dogs taste good. Beijingers like that dish. I was in Eastwood once. Thot I had gone to china without a passport! :)

In 1995 staying at this big Beijing Hotel near forbidden city, almost 3 out of 4 served stewed dogs in the restaurants there.

GROSSED ME OUT. couldn't even eat any other food there in case they are "contaminated" with dog meat.

I knew how a muslim felt at that point! Absolutely GROSS!

Only diff is they are grossed out by something they abhor & I am grossed out by something I love

zorro said...

The doggie population was decimated when the Viets came to OZland. No? Then I have been unreliably informed. When you coming home luv?

jugular said...

Eastwood is Chinese one side of the railway line and Korean the other side, so I guess the dogs disappeared first on the Korean side as I believe they are great fans of dog meat. I'm told by a friend of mine who ate dog in Thailand that it's a very 'hot' meat. You eat it and start sweating a lot a bit later.

She's back now zorro. Very much my loss as she is a fabulous person to spend time with.

jugular said...

Forgot to say zorro that for Vietnamese in Sydney you have to go to Cabramatta. Don't know about dogs, but nearly all hot bread shops in Sydney are Vietnamese run, and very good bread they make. :)

Ashleigh said...

Haha! I'd wear that t-shirt!! I've never heard of people being arrested for a political statement tee. Though Malaysia being Malaysia, there's always a time for firsts...

Crankster said...

Hi Zorro, I'm back in Malaysia. :)

Ashleigh - you know it as well as I do. :)