Saturday, 8 November 2008

RPK Released From Jail

The bad-ass blogger is out. :)

After all those weekends, standing in the rain for our candlelight vigils, thronging the courtrooms til noon and wearing to death my safron 'FREE RPK' t-shirt, the man has finally been released.


Of course, I'm still stunned that the Shah Alam High Court actually ruled that RPK's detention was illegal. Evidently, not all the courts in Malaysia are kangaroo courts.

I got an sms saying, "Court orders RPK b released by 4pm today!"

Frankly, I was incredulous. "Under sedition or ISA charges?" I asked.

"Isa," came the reply. It made me ecstatic!

What more RPK, who is high in spirits and appears to be unbreakable.

Here's to wishing him the best and hoping he got to test out his theory of eating dates on a pussy that isn't a mangy cat. :)

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-naga- said...

I hope the vigils won't stop now that RPK has been released. There are still about 60 humans in there, and the release of one is a big win for all like-minded humans.

RPK, welcome back home.