Saturday, 1 November 2008

Send The Murderers To Hell

Looks like no one is going to be sent to hell. Yet.

But the wicked will never rest.


Patricia said...


That's the title of RPK's post that got him into hot soup, no? It was one of his best, I think.

You know, I've always taken Raja Petra with a pinch of salt. But with his detention and the acquittal of Baginda - I think I can despense with the salt and go salt-free from now onwards. What say you?

Note to self: Go re-read RPK's posts without salt.


Crankster said...

Yes Pat, I'm dispensing of salt myself.

RPK's title was Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell.

It was one of his masterpieces. Good ole RPK.

Antares said...

The irony of it all: RPK went to jail for justice in Malaysia! For me the most despicable ones are those who KNOW the top echelon Umno warlords are all as corrupt as a corpse that's been left unattended for ten days... and yet continue to "ampu" them in the hope of favors for themselves. Some popular bloggers I know have no business ranting about social justice and democracy when everybody knows they support Mahathir & Najib.

You can't support Mahathir Mohamad & Najib Razak and speak of JUSTICE or TRUTH at the same time.

Now, I'm willing to let Baginda off the hook (he's a greedy man but doesn't look like a heartless killer) if RPK can be released at the same time. But, of course, Rosmah won't approve!!!

GobloKing said...

antares dear
don't get too transparent! the "I" word is still rather active in some parts of the world!

For me the story is
She had the honey
He had the money
She knew the truths
He knew the powers

Moral of the story: What is more powerful? Honey or Money? Power or Truth?

End of story. End of Moral

I can only comfort the father of Altantunya with these few cold words:

Justice always Prevail.

Even if & when the murderers & perpetrators get away now, they will never be able to get away on the day they meet their Maker