Thursday, 20 November 2008

Strange Creatures In Australia - Spiders

Now if you know me well enough, it's no secret that I like dangerous creatures. :) So of course I have to go snooping around for them, even in Australia!

This particular spider is called the St Andrew's Cross and I ran into it (not literally, though) by accident in Tim's backyard.

It chose to pointedly ignore us while Tim snapped various close-up pictures of it and its rather unusual zig-zag crossed web.

I wasn't the least bit offended. Tim said it hurts like a bitch if it bites you, and travelling without medical insurance, I thought it wise to stay clear. The St Andrew's Cross can ignore me anyday if it wants to - I really don't mind.

Of course, that's probably nothing compared to the infamous Australian funnel-web, which is indigenous to the Sydney area.

The funnel-web is one of the most poisonous spiders in the world. It usually makes an appearance when the rain washes it out of its funnel-shaped web on the ground.

It then woefully decides to find a new home in people's shoes but unapologetically injects a potent dose of venom when agitated. I expect it wouldn't be too anxious to share its personal and private space with some toes.

I have since been faithfully knocking out my shoes every morning - before putting them on - in anticipation (or not) of one.


Patricia said...

Hey Cranks!

I remember the first time I visited you, you'd posted about some creatures who were alcoholic or something? I sooooo identified with that one! Hehehe

You sound like you're having a swell time in Tim's backyard. Had many barbies yet? I hear that they're famous for their barbies - if that's how you spell it lah!


jugular said...

Haven't had a single barbie yet... very remiss of me lah! I will try to rectify before you go home Crankster.

The wood fired one is overgrown with a passion fruit vine which I don't want to disturb before it fruits, so it may have to be the electric one.:)

Crankster said...

Hehehe, Pat - thanks to you, I just had a bbq. :) In spite of the temperature at 14 deg Celcius today. Did someone say it was summer?

Yes, I just noticed the bbq pit hiding under the passionfruit tree. :) And that was a very good meal, thank you!

Patricia said...

Hehehe, glad to help!

I have a passion-fruit tree in my garden in PD. Fruits and fruits and fruits. Chuan likes it some. But I hate the stuff. So my friends and neighbours love me :)


Crankster said...

Pat!! You go and give away your fruits??!! Terrible woman, you! :)

Patricia said...

Oh Cranks! How could I've known that you loved them?!

I keep for you, k?



Crankster said...

Hehehe, not LOVE them, but I like most fruits. :) Poor Chuan, I hope you've left some for him.