Monday, 24 November 2008

We Need Bicycle Lanes Too

An Indonesian ex-colleague of mine once mentioned in passing that we Malaysians expect to be dropped off at the doorstep of our destination. That's why we drive everywhere in our prized little cars.

It's true.

I realise a portion of Malaysians dislike walking and thus sweating (God forbid we release a drop of fluid from our glands!!). But another portion dislikes dying.

And yes, given our lack of proper facilities (like sidewalks and bridges) for pedestrians, we could easily get run over by a truck or bus, you know, and die!

But you know what I really like about Australia?

They have special lanes for their cyclists - even on the highway!

They encourage people to use renewable energy (calories) instead of non-renewable forms of energy like petrol. This is a country that is sincere in its efforts to go green.

Now when do you expect to see that in Malaysia?


Murthi said...

I don't think I will see that in my life. Our politicians / ministers have travelled to many countries but they failed to notice the facilities which the other countries have. In Switzerland, even the traffic lights caters for cyclist. In Malaysia, easy way out is to ban cyclist on highways.

Crankster said...

Haven't been to Switzerland, but I know that Europe is very citizen-friendly, unlike the bozos in our parliament.

justmy2SEN said...

When i was studying in UK, bicycle is my main mode of a form of exercise, cheap, environment frendly and convenient..thanks to bicycle lane

If there's a bicycle lane in Malaysia, i will definitely cycle to work...badan sihat hati pun tak sakit (dgn jam, tol etc)

zewt said...

can never compare to australia... they are truly in a class of their own. having said that... so are we... haha!

BravoEagleHotel said...

Bicycle lanes in Malaysia roads,not even in my dreams!!!
I cant stop hahahahahaha ... and we dare claim Malaysia Boleh!
Malu je ...

Kamal Barsha said...

When ?

when teresa kok stops being a racist la..

in other words..NEVER!!

Anonymous said...

'Facilities' for Malaysian VIP are world class. They have nice hotel room, private jet, bungalows, office, conference room etc

Facilities for rakyat are still like all the other third world countries'.