Sunday, 7 December 2008

Boys & Girls

When I was in Australia, my friend Tim decided to take me to the zoo to give me a comprehensive education on native Australian animals.

Now I'm fairly certain that peafowl are not native to Australia, so frankly, I have no idea what they were doing in that zoo.

Nevertheless, they were quite entertaining to observe.

For one, the male is really very attractive and majestic.

And the female? She's disturbingly ugly and haughty to boot.

This one in particular looked at Tim rather disdainfully as he snapped pictures of her, while the male had posed for the camera quite obligingly.

And then, without a word, she stalked off without so much as a goodbye, leaving the hopeful male surprised at her sudden departure.

"Where did she go, mate?" Tim asked the woe-begone peacock. "She's left you, has she?"

Both Tim and I tried to spot the peahen, but she obviously had some privacy issues to defend. Not a trace of her.

The peacock was obviously not going to get lucky. Not today, anyway. "Better luck next time, mate."


Anonymous said...


I always wonder why in the animal kingdom, the males are always better looking.

For once, I am glad I am female and human cos we are ****** :-).


Crankster said...

Oh yeah, I'm glad to be a female human indeed. :)

jugular said...

We never did get to the end of that particular conversation, did we Crankster?

I for one would like to look as resplendant as a peacock, but when I go shopping for clothes and shoes, I'm reminded of Henry T Ford's statement that you can have any colour car, as long as it is black.

So why is it that it is that human females spend so much time preening and painting themselves and looking fabulous while human males look drab and boring by comparison?

jugular said...

And how did you remember that conversation?!!!!!!

Crankster said...

No, we never resolved that conversation and that's why I still remember it.

Human males' variety in dressing is limited to black colour. And maybe some browns and greys. In fact, men appear happy to look alike, while women are horrified when they see another woman dressed similarly.

But as for the issue of dress, for some reason, the majority of females are trying to snag themselves a guy. That's especially noticeable in western culture. In Asia, the man usually tries to snag the woman.

Thank God I live in Asia.