Monday, 29 December 2008

How Stupid, Really?

Now this is disturbing.

You know why gullible people exist?

Because they don't travel much. I cannot emphasize how much travelling broadens the mind, and heck - in this case, knowledge.

I'm certain you couldn't have fooled me with a stunt like that. But those people on camera seem to have bought it hook, line and sinker.

Now not all Americans are like that. The joke's on you if you think they are.

I've personally met enough Americans in my lifetime to know some of them are actually very intelligent.

Somehow, I suspect Americans are also distrustful of their government and media. I think they believe they are constantly being lied to and would rather believe anyone else.

I wonder when we Malaysians will become like that.


shar101 said...


And I reckoned they'd believe it if told that AAB will be the new Mayor of Perth after March '09 since he's also a distant cousin to Dubya. Hehehe!

CYA around soon, C.

zorro said...

Ruth, last night at the Bangi Sports Centre, a Pewaris (the group that wants the ISA to remain)delegation came to the anti-ISA gathering to ask for PAS help to prevent a pig farm from operating in Malacca. Mat Sabu couldn't hold back and had to crack a joke at their expense.

Some Yanks may be ignorant, but you would notice that the Americans featured were HONEST about their ignorance.

Shar, shar....I thought CYA was Americanism for Cover Your could you let this thru? Have I got to say it again Shar....u beat the SB to it....u-no-what.

Wishing you both a great year ahead.

Anonymous said...

Hi Crankster

How are you? Am swinging by to wish you a blessed new year...may it be one that is filled with blessings, joy, laughter, happiness and good health.

blessings to you and yours,

zewt said...

China is a town outside Darwin HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

anyway, some of my friends worked in the US just before they graduated, worked odd jobs. and you know what, in many towns in the states, the papers only report US news, they have nothing telling them about the outside world. some americans actually believe that the whole world only has one country... the US... it's freaking true!!!!

and when my friend told them that he was a chinese and he lives in malaysia... their response was.... malaysia is the chinatown of which state in the US.... hahahahahahah....

well, i have actually met someone who sincerely believes that malaysia is GOD since we sent a roti canai man to space. no kidding... his exact word ... "kiter sekarang, lebih unggul dari amerika lah"....

malaysians are heading that way....

jugular said...

Ah where would we be without the Chaser boys.

Keeping the people in ignorance is a favourite tool of totalitarian regimes everywhere. That's why the freedom of the internet is a great thing to preserve and why places like China are so worried about it.

Hope you have a great year next year Crankster

Crankster said...

See you, Shar. Have a great year ahead!

Uncle Bernard, Pewaris is so bigotted that they make the rest of us look like Mother Theresa. Anyway, I'll be CMA soon. :)

Hey Paula, I'm doing great, but busy as ever, preparing for my trip in 2 days' time. I'm going to miss this damn country.

Zewt, that roti canai and teh tarik fiasco is an embarrassment we'll never live down. There are heaps of Malaysian who are proud of that space stunt from Russia.

Jugular, thanks for introducing me to the Chasers. Have a great year ahead!

rainstorm said...

Hahahahaha.... Pisa Tower in Perth ? ....
These ppl are just so easily fooled eh ? I guess they hardly travel abroad but they still can go online ma... :)
Have a blessed new year !