Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Robbing The Misfortunate

I rarely copy and paste whole articles.

But this one demonstrated how very low Malaysians have sunk in terms of morality.

‘Rescuers were cold-hearted’

KUALA LUMPUR — The family of a woman who recently gave birth has accused Malaysian rescue personnel of acting in a cold-hearted manner, resulting in the woman’s death in the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide tragedy.

This came as residents of the housing estate in Kuala Lumpur, hit by a landslide on Saturday which killed four people and buried 14 houses, said yesterday they were considering suing the government for compensation.

According to news portal Malaysiakini, Ms Ng Yee Ping’s husband was desperately digging through the earth with his bare hands to save his wife, a 30-year-old accountant who delivered a son two months ago. He thought help had arrived when rescue personnel reached the scene. But all they reportedly did was throw him a spade.

Speaking at Ms Ng’s funeral service on Monday, her mother-in-law, Mdm Wong Sai Mooi, said she, her husband, her sons and grandson managed to escape. “But (I) did not know that my daughter-in-law was buried alive. Then I heard my eldest son (Ms Ng’s husband) calling his wife, telling her to remain conscious,” she was quoted by Malaysiakini as saying.

“Later, a few rescue personnel arrived at the scene but they just threw a spade at (my sons) and did nothing ... (They treated her) like some dead dog or cat,” Mdm Wong added, claiming that Ms Ng would still be alive if the rescuers had rendered assistance.

Mdm Wong’s husband,Mr Ng Yong Shun, also accused the rescuers of looting his house after he returned to the house on Sunday morning. “My wife and I examined our safety box and found it opened. Several branded watches and jewellery were missing,” Mr Ng, 56, was quoted by Malaysiakini as saying.

Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar came to the defence of the rescuers, citing their lack of training as a reason, according to Malaysiakini. He said the police will conduct a thorough probe into the matter.

Meanwhile, Bukit Antarabangsa residents said they have set up a legal team. Mr N Muniandy, chairman of the residents’ association, was quoted by AFP as saying: “If we have concrete evidence, then we will go against the authorities concerned. It is not our fault at all. We are the victims.”

In response, Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi said yesterday the government would consider paying compensation to the landslide victims.

I'm not convinced the woman would have been alive should the rescuers have done more than throw her husband a spade.

But it's the attitude that irks me. It's racism.


amoker said...

Strong words.. i would think of incompetence and lack of desire.

Anonymous said...


I was fuming when I read it in Malaysiakini yesterday.

In fact, I discussed it with three visitors who popped by my place last night. We were wondering why they victims did not post pictures of those heartless fellas - probably to protect themselves.

Sometimes, people can deny all they want but truth speaks for itself.

During such moments, I stop and ask myself, how far have we progressed and how low can people go? Very sad indeed.

Antares said...

Too many generations under Sauron-like leaders often turns otherwise decent humans into Orcs.
A lot of issues are involved in such an instance: the cemburu program, for instance, that creates an artificial psychic barrier between those appear to be "haves" & those who believe themselves to be "have-nots." Apathy, indifference, insensitivity, inconsideration... I've seen these unpleasant qualities even amongst Orang Asli males in my village. This is what happens when people feel disenfranchised & oppressed & eventually lose touch with their own souls... a vicious circle begins wherein the essential virtues & personality traits that might alleviate their social status & enhance their own self-esteem become anathema. Ultimately, the spirit of vandalism reigns. Rape & robbery occur when one feels utterly hopeless about ever being able to date a fine-looking, classy girl... or being able to afford a few luxuries. Is there a cure? Of course there is... but I can't talk about it here :-)

Antares said...

P.S. I can leave you with a clue, nevertheless. Such Orc-like behavior can only exist in a feudal society where Elites rule like Baobabs & Nabobs & Grand Panjandrums!

Patricia said...


I don't know if I'd call it racism.

But from a 'human' point of view: a human would stop and help him dig her out.

So, it's worse than racism. Much, much worse.

And, Oh, the horror of it all if these are the guys we'd hafta call to rescue us when in need!?!

Like I've said elsewhere: Something's very wrong with this picture.


-naga- said...

"Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar came to the defence of the rescuers, citing their lack of training as a reason, according to Malaysiakini."

Erm, they didn't teach compassion at their training??

zewt said...

and all it takes is just a "i dont believe" to deny all accountability.

Antara"s"bangsa said...

Let anwar to build a new force to serve our nation

hidup hidup
hidup anwar

hisap hisap
hisap tanah

landslide ~ LanDslide

Knights Templar said...
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Knights Templar said...

Antara"s"bangsa ...Get a life please ...The Drains in front of my house is clogged because the residents throw their rubbish in the drain ....Now lets see what we can do ...i know ...Lets change The Goverment !

Crankster said...

I know it sounds like strong words, but I've personally seen and heard people like that before.

They say, "Cina kaya tu. Biar dia kena lah". I have noticed in particular that the unsuccessful Malays hold a grudge against the successful Chinese.

I'm fairly certain that the rescuers were Malay, being from the army and Rela and what not.

I know most readers of CRANKSHAFT wouldn't want to accept that. It's frankly unpleasant. But it exists.

Knights Templar said...

Crank ...Just so you know ...The so called Rescuers were NOT from the ARMY ...They were from the MAJLIS PERBANDARAN AMPANG JAYA ...The Sappers (Royal Engineers Regiment)from Batu Cantonment came slightly after Noon with this as their orders..
building roads, and other transport infrastructure, including bridges.
building, repairs and maintenance
Overcoming riverine obstacles
Clearing of obstacles,
provide shelter, water supply and build camps

Take my word for it Dear ...i was there 3 hours plus after the landslide happened...And the Army is not trained to rescue victims based on RACE....

Shalom ...

Crankster said...

I've been hearing plenty of conflicting reports. I'm very certain that the mainstream media reported it as the army.

Later, it was RELA, apparently.

Now you say MPAJ.

But don't get your tits in a twirl. I'm sure the army has a few good men. Ahem.

GobloKing said...

I just don't even know where to begin. I really truly do not understand how such INHUMANITY can still exist in a "Civil" society

I have been unable to post a blog since this tragedy because I have been really sickened.

I just don't understand how Greed has become such a valued Value in our Lives that the true Worth of a Life can be sacrificed at its altar

All I know is: I can believe this happened.

I think it's time we taught our kids the value of a civil society & the value of a Life; no matter how small or poor or insignificant

Call me wicked
Call me Evil

But I truly hope the Guilty parties from those who approved to those who develop to those who did not help in the Rescue when they could have - NEVER again have a nite's peaceful sleep.

Knights Templar said...

You watch too much Movies kiddo ... Mention my Tits again and i'd have to order a code red on you !

Peace :-)

erniejean said...

What got me really really fuming was when the Selangor police chief gave the stupidest excuse ever in defense of what happened......what does he mean that they were not trained!!?? Do you need to be trained to dig?

Crankster said...

Gobloking, it's the Asian sense of immorality we've always had. We just delude ourselves into thinking we have good moral values.

We don't.

Crankster said...

Knights dear, have I told you how much it turns me on when you mention 'code red' and 'peace' all in the same breath? ;-)

Crankster said...

Ernie Jean, do you need to be trained to have compassion? It's not about whether the woman could have been rescued or not.

It's about whether those fools could have handled it with more sensitivity. And yes, it was the stupidest excuse given.