Saturday, 6 December 2008

When Malaysia Is A "Role Model"

I know most of you don't read the mainstream media, and for good reason too.

There's nothing but crap in it, and I know your time is more important to you than to waste on reading gibberish that either means nothing or is too far removed from the truth.

But I have a point to make, so I ask you to read: Clinton: Malaysia a role model.

I know some of you are rolling your eyes already. I did too. Especially at this statement:

The former US president said the world would be a better place if it emulated Malaysia’s harmony and social tolerance.

Malaysia's harmony is artificial and the social tolerance is slowly eroding. Someone hasn't been doing his homework.

But this post is not purely about Malaysia or Bill Clinton.

It's also a reminder to consider the other side of the story. And the bigger picture.

Take this article in the New York Times for enlightenment as to what he was doing here in the first place: Bill Clinton Speech in Malaysia Irks Investors.

We are informed that in this case, Bill Clinton was invited by the Petra Group. He was PAID to speak, he did not visit Malaysia voluntarily.

And he was paid $200,000. I don't know about you, but that certainly isn't pocket change for me.

In the face of these circumstances, we can no longer take Clinton's comments as sincere and unbiased.

Now this Petra Group has been suffering some bad press, apparently even before high profile Hollywood actor Bruce Willis demanded his investment back.

Malaysia has been suffering lots of bad press, with its incessant need to brutalise its citizens who do not share the political views of the government.

Now I have been casually following the career of Bill Clinton.

Apart from his indiscretions with various interns in the White House and the lies he spouts under oath, he isn't exactly stupid.

I was once quite impressed with his responses during a talk show, he had a great sense of humour and strong knowledge of world politics.

The US State Department needs to review what he says and endorses to avoid taking conflicting stands in future.


Anonymous said...

well ,about petra group ,always beware of the coward lord of the hypocrite vinod shektar or whatever name is.I remember reading his view on the problems in this country and guess what ,no different from the BN view ,everything is hunky dory or blame it on the perception of the rakyat.

-naga- said...

By the way, the 200,000 is in USD. Certainly ain't no pocket change for me, my dad, my granddad, my great granddad ALL combined!

Crankster said...

Naga, yes I was aware of that. :) This must have been some serious damage control after Bruce Willis' pull-out.

Antares said...

I could retire in style on USD200,000. And my speeches are 1000 times more penetrating & incisive than Bill Clinton's (at least I know how to INHALE)! When is Venal Vinod going to invite me to speak at one of his events? Corporatocracy is such a drag.

zewt said...

ahhh... it all makes sense now. for a while, i thought he really thought highly of this country.

again, it's the same thing... all the ppl up there, regardless of country, are trying to convince the consumers to keep spending and giving away our hard earned savings.

rainstorm said...

Zewt -
" again, it's the same thing... all the ppl up there, regardless of country, are trying to convince the consumers to keep spending and giving away our hard earned savings."

Zewt, to boost the country economy ma :)