Saturday, 10 January 2009

The Blackpool Tower

I keep mistaking Blackpool Tower for the Eiffel. But in reality, it was inspired by the huge steel tower near the Bir-Hakeem metro station in Paris, which I once visited in 2006.

While the Blackpool tower is smaller, it is located in the beautiful seaside town after which it is named. It was designed by two Lancashire architects though, and opened in 1894.

Check out the old-fashioned taxis parked at the curb. It almost gave me a nostalgic feeling.


jugular said...

Beautiful seaside town????? I've always thought of it as tacky. It certainly is in summer. It used to be the preferred holiday destination for the factory workers from inland Preston and Manchester. It's better in winter with not many people there.

Crankster said...

No, it was gorgeous in winter. It had its standard crappy shopping malls (which my male colleagues had to visit of course) but it was actually peaceful with the economic downturn.