Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Checking In

Hey folks.

Some of you probably know that I'm a few thousand miles away from home. On business, as usual.

I'm sitting in my hotel room in the wee hours of the morning, unable to sleep because I'm still running on Malaysian time. I know I should force myself to stay awake til it's late and then settle into the routine.

But well, the spirit is willing; it's just that the flesh is weak. :)

Anyway, BBC news on TV tells me that this is the coldest winter they've had in 10 years. I'm hardly surprised. It's just me - I bring the cold. They've had 2 soft winters, the last time that it was pretty cold was in 2006 when I happened to be there!!

The weather channel tells me it's about -9 degrees Celcius out there.

I believe them.

When I got home from work yesterday, the puddles in the carpark were frozen. Obviously, driving is rather treacherous, and I keep having to tell my colleague to take it slow.

You know how Malaysians drive.

But anyway, I'm bundled up in multiple layers and keeping warm. I hope it snows soon, since it usually gets warmer then - based on my previous experience.

My nocturnal habit are probably going to see me awake and online during Malaysian time, so while I miss not being able to join in with campaigning (especially for the Terengganu by-elections), I'll certainly be rabble-rousing from here. :)

I see the MSM perverts are back with their dirty tricks. Haris Ibrahim has some ground zero news on what ACTUALLY is happening with the Pakatan Rakyat issues.

Go kick some BN ass on my behalf.


Patricia said...

Hi there you rabble-rouser you!

Yes, it'll be marginally warmer when it snows. I know, too - was in Canada last year in winter. It hit -13 I think. Made no difference to me. Cold is cold is cold.

Despite that, I still remember the snow storms with a smile - and the lovely christmas views from out my daughter's window :)

Stay warm, sweetie. You're always in my thougts.



Antares said...

Stay warm, feisty jetsetter! 2009 hugs from your hillbilly pal xox

Crankster said...

Hey Pat. :) So it's not my imagination - that it gets warmer when it snows. Take care, you!

I will Antares, I'm a hot chick after all! ;-) Hugs back atcha.

zewt said...

i am jealous!