Saturday, 10 January 2009

Do You Know...

... who these two little boys are?

You don't?


Well, neither do I. They came up to my colleague who was busy snapping shots of the general area and asked him to take a photograph of them.

He evidently obliged.

And well, they disappeared just as suddenly as they materialised. You can't blame them - they're British - it's hardwired into their genetics to be rather strange.

But hey, here's to their few minutes of fame on the other side of the planet! :)


jugular said...

Cheeky young scallys

Crankster said...

We actually found them adorable. It's been 5 times now since I got here that I've asked myself, "Where is that goddamn British reserve??"

They must have found Mak quite impressive. He did have RM12,000 worth of photography equipment there, afterall.