Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Have They Learned Anything?

After one general election and two by-election trouncings, have they learned anything?

Let's see:

Malaysia's deputy prime minister Najib Razak Tuesday said the ruling party's negative image and the perception that its leaders were unfriendly caused its defeat in a key by-election last week.

Guess not.

UMNO boleh!


Antares said...

Note the ruling elite's obsession with IMAGE & PERCEPTION (which stupid PR agency taught them that catchphrase, I wonder?)... the facade is all that matters, you see... so long as the rakyat believes you're CLEAN it's good enough... don't have to actually take a bath & risk GETTING WET! Hahahahaha.

-naga- said...

There is a saying in Malay which goes like this "Kalah takpe, gaya mesti ada.."

Perhaps that's what Najib believes in..

Crankster said...

Interesting analogy, Antares, for a bunch of dirty f*ckwits.

Naga, it's such a stupid saying. Must be UMNO tagline.

Henley said...

Hohoho!! which photographer took dat photo?? What else 'cept doggie style for BN dogs?? lmao!!!